Gender Female
Villain Type Princess
Series Power Rangers: Star Force

Crestacia is one of Empress Quita and Lord Veckrann's daughters, sister of Neckra.

Character History

Not much is known about Crestacia's early childhood, but apparently Quita's family didn't know about the marriage to Lord Veckrann or the births of their daughters, and both girls were sealed away along with them. Crestacia revived along with her mother, sister and a few subordinates 2,000 years later, to her excitement.

When her mother announced that everyone would help kill the Rangers, and the princesses would have the honor of executing Queen Elizabeth, Crestacia whined. Still, she and Neckra fought Brooke and defeated her without too much trouble.

Later, the two sisters bickered over who would get to kill a Ranger first, Crestacia wanting "the Pink one"  and getting upset when Neckra said it was because Pink was prettier than her. When Gevlant tried to break up the fight, Crestacia tattled, but Empress Quita backed him up.

During Garish's first attack, Crestacia was sent to fight, though her sister was not.


Crestacia seems the least mature of the group, squealy when she's happy and whiny when she isn't, and she has a vain streak.

Talents and Abilities

Crestacia appears to have hand-to-hand combat training.


Crestacia is a blonde teenager and an exact match for her sister, except for hair color.