Count Dregon

Count Dregon before Alpha kills him.

Count Dregon is the main conqueror of Edenoi and the mortal enemy of Prince Alpha 5, MMPR Gold. He is the main villain in the Edenoi sections of "A Friend in Need". While he is King Lexian's son in The Prime Reality, in the Revisited Universe he has no relation to him at all.

While the Edenites lived in peace without weapons or armies for centuries, he himself arrived with a vast army, devastating and conquering the peaceful world, reducing it to a decimated wasteland. He went as far as to force the Edenites to mine toxic gas, polluting their own world, though the surviving trees were helping to fix the damage. His main goal is to take the powers of the Zeo Crystal for himself, making him a rival of Rita's father Master Vile. After the planet was conquered, he formed an alliance and a pact with the Irkens; he would rule one half of the planet and the Irkens will rule the other.

In his time in space, he encountered Lord Zedd and Emperor Shao Kahn of Outworld. The three are fierce rivals, with Zedd in particular angry that Dregon keeps trying to outdo him as a villain and conqueror.

Soon after the Power Rangers visited Edenoi and helped a guard of Alpha's parents, Dregon decided to turn his attentions towards Earth. He ran into the team again in an unseen encounter, and Alpha defeated him.

He is absent from Dark Specter's convention of villains in "From Out of Nowhere" despite everything that happened. Zedd, however, speculates that Alpha may have killed him and crystallized his blood and heart as a trophy.

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