Cosmo Blaster
Seiza Blaster
Space Patrol
Used by: β-Squad Rangers
Special System: Power Orbs
Cube Morpher Final
Drago Staff

"Blast off!"
—Transformation call[src]

"Lights of Orion, Activate!"
—Transformation call (Lights of Orion ver.)[src]

Cosmo Blaster: The gauntlet-like morphing device which doubles as a shooting weapon. It has 6 modes and is able to utilize the collectible devices, the Power Orbs. There is also a purple/dark color variant of the Cosmo Blaster used by a brainwashed Ophi.


"(Orb name) Orb!"
—Power Orb insertion announcement[src]

"Great! Shining Orb! (Solar Mode/Lunar Mode)"
—Shining Orb insertion announcement[src]

"What's up? Lights of Orion Orb!"
—Lights of Orion Orb insertion announcement[src]

"It's Cosmo Time!"
—Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Super Cosmo Time!"
—Power-up transformation standby announcement[src]

To morph, a Ranger inserts a Power Orb, making the morpher announce the name of the Power Orb, then pushes it forward, towards the nozzle; then they flip the grip down, shout Blast Off, then pull the trigger of the blaster to morph.

Special Attack

"It's Attack Time!"
—Attack standby announcement[src]

To attack, a Ranger grips the Power Orb and pulls it backward like a joystick.


"It's Zord Time!"
—Summoning standby announcement[src]

"(zord name) Zord! Go!"
—Summoning announcement[src]

To summon the Zords, the Rangers push their Power Orbs to their left, then press the red button on the side of the changer's hand grip. Afterwards, they are wrapped around a giant Power Orb that becomes their cockpits.


"It's Docking Time!"
—Combination standby announcement[src]

"Super Docking Time!"
—Combination standby announcement for the Cosmo Dragonzord[src]

To combine their Zords into the Cosmo Megazord, each Ranger pulls the Power Orb to the right to initiate the docking sequence.

Finishing Strike

—Finisher standby announcement[src]

"Super Galaxy!"
—Cosmo Megazord Finisher standby announcement[src]

To activate a finishing strike, a Ranger grips the Power Orb and pulls it backward like a joystick two times.

Each Ranger has a different finisher depending on which Power Orb is used:

  • Leo Red: Roaring Meteor Crash
  • Scoripion Orange: Antares Crush
  • Lobo Blue: Lupus Crush
  • Scale Gold: Libra Crush
  • Bull Black: Aldebaran Crush
  • Serpent Silver:
    • Normal: Ophiuchus Crush
    • Serpent King: Snake King Crush
  • Chameleon Green: Hameleon Crush
  • Eagle Pink: Altair Crash
  • Swordfish Yellow: Dorado Crush
  • BroBear Aqua: Polaris Crush

The group finisher is the All-Star Crash. If all nine Rangers fire their All-Star Crash at the same opponent, the attack creates a multicolored blast that slams onto the opponent from above and leaves a star-shaped crater. This finisher has two upgraded versions: Super-Star Crash and Ultra-Star Crash.

Controller Mode

"It's Controller Time!"
—Controller standby announcement[src]

After summoning the Ranger's respective Zord, they then pull the black trigger to control the Zord from the blaster by shifting the Power Orb in the required direction. This function has yet to be seen in the show.


  • The Cosmo Blaster resembles the Gold Ptera Morpher from Dino Charge, in that it's a wrist wraparound with a grip.
  • The Cosmo Blaster has some similarities to past Core Ranger Morphing Devices: the Dino Charge Morpher from Dino Charge, The Rail Morpher from Express Squad, and the Ninja Star Blade from Ninja Steel.
    • Its similarities with the Dino Charge Morpher is that both are morphing devices that also act as firearms and can also be used by an Extra Ranger (even if it's just one).
    • Its similarities with the Rail Morpher is that both are wrist-mounted morphing devices that also allow them to summon the Rangers Zords.
    • Its similarities with the Ninja Star Blade is that both act as the Rangers sidearm and allows them to summon their Zords and utilize a finishing attack.
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