This is a page showing the differences between Uchu Sentai Kyuranger and Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion.


Kyuranger Galaxy Squad
Kulkuger and Akybana are

Vice Shogun of Don Armarge

General Magnator and Midnight Idol have no

affiliation other than being apart of The Shogun

ORION is an acronym of the

Kyurangers Ship and their mission

The Ships acronym is the UNSSA-

Ursa Navy Star Ships Andromeda Orion

Only 2 rangers are from Earth, out of 12 Out of 16, 8 come from the GSA team, 5

are super heroes, 3 are from the Ursa System

Black, Gold, and Pink are robots Black and Gold are supes, The Pink ranger

is a mortal human.

Separate from the rest of Super Sentai. Direct squeal to Henry Danger, Power Rangers GSA,

and The Thunderman's; leads into the events of SPD.

Silver and Gold are criminals,

called the BN Team.

Gold and Silver are super hero siblings, but both

have evil phases at different points.

Blue and Purple are bipedal

animals (wolf and dragon).

Henry is a mortal who received super powers,

Marisol is a human-like alien of the Ursa system.

Briefly starts with 3 rangers, 9 is

the goal, ends with 12

Starts with 11 rangers, with 16 as the goal (which

they succeeded in doing), ends with 14

The Orange ranger has the only

big "super power" on the team

Blue, Gold, Black-Taurus, Black-Quicksilver,

and Silver are super heroes; Tycho was bitten by

a scorpion to get around his counterpart.

Has 46 episodes and 4 movies Has 35 episodes and 2 movies
Has a mature tone like older seasons Galaxy Squad has similar tones to GSA, which has

a darker tone in line with the Post-Zordon era seasons

Youngest ranger is Kuma Skyblue. Orpheus Silver is just a tad younger than Ursa Cyan.
The Crimson Ranger is the first

Astronaut to find a Kyutama, he

is also a scientist, was in Cryogenic

Suspension on the Argo.

The Crimson Ranger was the first Shogun Black and

ASD Blue, as well as a member of the school news

station alongside his girlfriend, Gwen Gifro. He's

in Cryogenic Suspension on the Andromeda Orion.

Leadership is Shou Rampo (Ryu

Commander), Raptor 283 (Washi

Pink), and Lucky (Shishi Red [Orion])

Mentor is Captian Marisol (Draco Ranger), techs are

Ava Frasier and Elizabeth, first leader is Harvey

Rivers (Galaxy Squad Red) with Eustus (Quantum

Galaxy Ranger) and Ashton (Galaxy Squad Yellow)

splitting the role after his death.

The Pink Ranger's actress, MAO,

played Luka Millfy from Gokaiger

Elizabeth was voiced by Ciara Hanna (MAO/Luka's

counterpart), but portrayed by Cree Cicchino, just like in

the previous season

Super Sentai started airing at 9:30 am,

during the shows run.

Power Rangers remained at the 6pm Eastern and

Pacific time it gained after Henry Danger ended

Second to last Heisei Era Season Production on Galaxy Squad did not begin till 2020
Naga was brainwashed by Akybana.

Later did the same to a famous singer

Jojo is a famous singer who turned Nora against the

rangers to steal the Dark Stone.

Don Armage possessed Tusurugi,

because he wanted to (and Tusurugi

mentioned it as hiss goal).

Jark Matter was able to Possess Alex Fierro, as he

wanted to do, he was later split from Alex and

destroyed by the Matador Cannon.

The Cerberus Voyager was exclusive to

the summer movie, Geth Indaver's

Counterattack, and lacks an associated

Kyuranger. Orion Voyager was used

by Lucky in series and is connected to

his power up.

The Cerberus Zord appeared twice in series and used

by Terrence, the Cerberus Ranger (not Harvey). Harvey

later attained a battalizer, but never used the associated

zord. Matador Megazord/Cannon was used by Charlie

and is exclusive to the theatrical finale to GSA.O, Power

Rangers: Revelation.