This page spotlights the difference between Tsurugi Ohtori and Eustus MacAlister.


Tsurugi Eustus
Is a 333+ year old scientist in his series Is an 18 year old student in his series
Was not evil before finding the Houou

Kyutama, but is possessed by Don Armage

in the last 2-3 of the series

Was Shogun Black in Power Ranger GSA,

was never possessed by Jark Matter

Hasn't met the Denziman or Sun Vulcan Was ASD Blue, Vul Shark's counterpart alongside the

GSA Rangers (Denziman)

Fought Jark Matter before, was possessed

by Don Armage at the end of the series

Was apart of them, but not possessed after defecting
First of the 12 rangers to find a Kyutama,

last to join the team

The 9th Ranger to morph first (regardless of team),

but 15th to join the Galaxy Squad due to being

put in Cryogenic suspension due to battle scars

Henshin uses both the sword and Shield only uses the sword to morph
Was in Cryogenic Suspension on the Argo,

never knew of the Kyurangers, but made the

plans for Raptor 283 (Washi Pink)

Was put into Cryiogenic suspension on the Andromeda

Orion by Captain Marisol and has no relation to Kora

Haung or Elizabeth/Alpha ZXK

Is a skilled hero Is good at Yoga and novice at fencing
Never used the Pavo Kyutama or Kyu

Crossbow (which is exclusive to Balance)

The Pavo Stone allows Eustus to use the crossbow

(normally used by Max/Libra Galaxy Ranger)

Has super powers does not have super powers
His name literally means Phoenix Sword His surname comes from RPM's Blue Ranger, Flynn
Only one of two rangers to come from Earth One of the 8 GSA Rangers to continue along with:

Henry Hart; Max, Phoebe, Nora, and Billy Thunderman

Was still in Cryiogenic Suspension when

Lucky and Naga Met Gaven and Deka Red

Met Bridge as SPD Red and all the VR Troopers

grid in a trap set by Metallic-eye Gellis. Nora wasn't

present during this event.

Was the only Kyuranger to meet

the Kagarnagers

Both Eustus and Ashton met the Mystic Knights, along

with 3 Neo-Saban Power Rangers