This Page shows the differances between Tayio Sentai Sun Vulcan and Power Rangers GSA.


Sun Vulcan Power Rangers GSA
Is the unofficial second

season of Denziman

Was divided into two seasons, with

Sun Vulcan suits used in the latter

Has Three Rangers, all Male Vul Panther is female
Has 50 episodes and a movie Has 37 episodes in total (split 19 and 18

via the new year)

Don't meet any other rangers

till Turboranger

Three Thundermans, Captain Man,

and Kid Danger are the Danger

Rangers (Gorangers)

Are the core team are apart of the GSA Rangers
Only one interlocking robo Has two mature megazords, two Robots

were used once each

Has an animal and Military motif Has an LGBT/Autism/Animals motif
Rangers are Adults in various

areas of the armed forces

Rangers are in High School, their mentor

is a World Language teacher