This page highlights the differances between Tatsuyda Midorikawa and Aryia/Ashton Quzell.


Tatsuysa Ashton
In a neurotypical Is transgender, assigned female at birth
Is a detective Sister wants to be a detective
His actor went on to play

Kukulger in Uchu Sentai


Tenzing would only Appear as Ashton in

Power Rangers, General Magnator was

the boss of GSA

Shares DaiDenzin with the

other Denziman

Has his own zord, the Dragon Zord, to

pay homage to the first green ranger

Is number 4 on the team Is the team's second in command
last name is the Japanese

word for Green, Midori

Quzell comes from the Batman/DC villain

and Arkham Asylum Psychiatrist Harleen

Frances Quinzel

Did not become another

ranger or change color

Became the Yellow Manta Galaxy Ranger

in Galaxy Squad

Nothing is known about his


Ashton is adopted and enjoyed his/her

sister, Eliza's, love of being a detective

Never met the VS Sentai or


Met the Battle Thunder (with Eustus) and

the Super Squad (whole team)