This Page spotlights the differences between Stinger and Tycho Franklin.


Stinger Tycho
Is the first Orange Ranger on a core team

since the Battle Cossack's, but has 4 other

Predecessors (Yuri Swan, Akira, Bud)

Played an Orange Ranger in the previous

season (replaced Blue), technically has 2

successors (Kat and Boom)

Is a human-like Scorpion alein Is a human (Gay) from earthwho was bitten

by a scorpion and gained a tail;

Was the very first modern Kyuranger to

receive a Kyutama, as Tsurugi preceded

all of the other Kyurangers

Found his Ohman stone about the same

time as everyone else, but was the 8th to be

awakened (as in when they first became a

Power Ranger, or possessed said power for the

first 3), followed by Eustus

His number is 2, but there is no true

second in command on the team

Is number 2, but yellow (number 9) is the

team's second in Command

Fought the Kyurangers Was never an enemy of the Power Rangers
Wasn't on the Argo when Tusurgi was freed

as he was fighting Scorpio

Is on the Andromeda Orion when Eustus

comes out of Cryogenic suspension and

thinks he and Harvey are a couple.

Has an older brother, Scoprio, who he fights

as he works for Jark Matter.

His partner, Adrian, who is only mentioned

and seen in pictures. It's Marisol's gender

fluid half sibling who works for The Shogun.