This page shows the differences between Spada and Aryia/Ashton Quzell


Spada Ashton
Is a human-like alien from the Kajiki System Is transgender, assigned female at birth and from Earth
is a cooking master Sister made him/her want to be a detective
has an unknown number of siblings,

is the oldest

Has an older sister, Eliza (ASD Yellow and Beast Hunter).

She is the youngest and adopted.

One of the first Kyurangers to be awakened Is the 6th member of the Galaxy Squad to be awakened,

after Marisol, Kayla and Terrance, Harvey, and Kora

Name is Italian for Sword Surname comes from Quinzel, the surname of Harleyquinn
Not the first Yellow ranger to have male

predecessors and//or successors

Technically the first male Yellow with a male predecessor

and Successor, due to adapting a Sentai that aired before Zyuranger

Motif is a swordfish Motif is a Manta Ray
Did not swap colors with Hammie Switched colors with Cornith Summers, who was

GSA's Yellow Ranger (with Ashton, Green)