This Page spotlights the differences between Naga Rey and Phoebe Thunderman.


Naga Rey Phoebe
Is male Is female
is a human-like alien

from a distopian planet

Is the eldest of the Thunderman kids
Hebistski Metal is both an

evil form and an upgrade for


Shogun Black is her soul suit, being

used by Eustus MacAlister before her.

Nora later unlocked the upgrade from

stealing the Dark Stone and being

manipulated by Midnight Idol.

Is the team's silver ranger is the second Black ranger on the

team, after her little brother, Billy

Became evil because he was

kidnapped by Akyanba

Became evil this time because

she found the Shogun Battler

Works for Akyanba Works with the Shogun as a general,

like Tychiel (Shogun Princess) and Alex.

Nora would work for Midnight Idol.

Has snake-like powers Has Telekinesis, Heat Breath and

Freeze Breath, among other powers