This page spotlights the differences between Maga Rey and Nora Thunderman.


Naga Rey Nora
Born in the Hebitsukai System Is a super from Earth
Became Hebitsukai Metal Her older sister, Phoebe became

Shogun Black (II) first

Became best friends with a

robot bounty hunter, Balance,

and became the BN Team

Max Thunderman is her older brother

and Phoebe's twin who originally

wanted to be evil

Has snake-like abilites Has heat vision and sonic screaming,

and does similar things to Naga

is male is in his early 20's is female in her teen's
Is the only ranger with a

Snake Motif on the team

Phoebe also has a snake motif, but

different from Eustus (the preceding

user of the Shogun Black suit)

Previous snake-themed ranger

was Agri from Goseiger

Eustus MacAlister, who becomes the

Galaxy Quantum Ranger, was the last

snake themed ranger, but the same suit

as Phoebe