The following shows the differances between two rangers, Kin'ya Samejima and Eustus MacAlister.


Kin'ya Eustus
Is a Naval Officer Is in High School, later film school and

a cinematographer in future seasons

Grew up in Africa Grew up in Forge Bend, Pennsylvania
Never Led Sun Vulcan or

joined the Machine Empire

Was the leader of the ASD Rangers

and worked for The Shogun in GSA

Shares first name with actor Shares surname with Operator Blue
Was a member of the the Great

Legand War

The Legendary Battle occurred before GSA
Morphs with the Vulcan Brace Morphs with the ASD Power Ring
was preceded by Daigoro Oume Tycho Franklin, Daigoro's counterpart,

is not only an orange ranger, but an

old friend of Eustus'

Never met the Kagarangers or

VS Sentai

Met the Mystic Knights (with Ashton) and the

Super Squadron (whole team)