This page spotlights the differences between Garu and Henry Hart.


Garu Henry
Is a rouge wolfman alien is a "mortal" who has been given

super powers and is from Earth

Joined the team in Space 1. It's

unknown if he has used his

powers before becoming the 6th

Kyuranger to be awakened.

temporarily replaced the GSA Rangers in GSA's finale

before becoming Galaxy Squad Blue in Space 1, he is

the 12th Galaxy Squad Ranger to be awakened, but only

9th to appear

is the last of his tribe Is the only character from his original show,

Henry Danger, to continue on to Galaxy Squad

Has wolf-like powers Was given the ability of hyper mobility, or have increased

reflexes, in the special Hour of Power.

The Lupin stone also granted him advanced hearing

Is compared to Doggie Cruger by

Deka Green and Deka Pink

Due to being a human, Bridge (now Fire Squad Red)

makes no comparison to Kruger or Sky, who is the top

dog of SPD Earth Branch by at least 2027

Shishi Red moon causes him

to calm down

Henry demorphs when the Vulcan Eclipse Lunar Mode

is used