This page spotlights the differences between Daigoro Oume and Tycho Franklin.


Daigoro Tycho
Is a Blue Ranger Is the first Orange Ranger in Power Ranger

History by year (as SPD took place in 2025,

even then, a wannabe)

is a nuertypical Male Is Gay, his boyfriend's name is Adrian
Teachers Gymnastics Is a high School Student at Forge Bend High
Joins team at the same time as

the others

Doesn't join the team til episode 5, introduced

in episode 2. He is the 8th Galaxy Squad Ranger

to be awakened.

Is second in Command is marked 4 on the team, switching with Green
Shares Daidenzin with

the other Denziman

Has his own zord, the Scorpion Zord
Shares name with Kiranger (II)

from Goranger

His first name comes from the Astronomer

Tycho Brahe, his surname comes the Benjamin

Franklin, founding father of the US

Has a food obsession is in charge of a card game club, as seen in

Full House JAKQ

Never met Kin'ya Samejima

until Turboranger. If any direct

contact with the two occurs is


Tycho and Eustus are old Friends; Eustus

also became Shogun Black