This page spotlights the differences between Balance and Max Thunderman.


Balance Max
Is a robot constructed in the

Tenbin System

Is a super hero from earth
has no siblings Has a twin sister and 3 younger siblings, one is not a ranger
Helps Naga learn emotions and

steal from Jark Matter

Nora is Max's younger sister and she is rather independent
has robotic/tech abilities Has many super powers
Is the sole user of the Kyu Crossbow Eustus uses the Crossbow attachment when in Pavo Mode
Morphed in ep 2 (beating Kinji

Takiawa debuted in ep 8) and the

7th Kyuranger awakend

Morphs in Space 1 (Levi Weston didn't till ep 8)

and is the 11th Ranger to be awakened.

Has to fight Naga as Hebitsukai Metal Has to fight his twin sister, Phoebe (Shogun Black II).

Phoebe, in turn, faced Nora.

Never lost any of his powers Lost his powers in Revelation, but got them back in Hexagon