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This article is about a/an type of villain in Power Rangers Cyber V.
Gender None
Villain Type Assassin
Series Power Rangers Cyber V

The Commandroids are robotic assassins under the control of Alphabet Soup, particularly President Winters. After Winters' transformation into Venja, the Commandroids become part of Kalask's army.


The Commandroids are black-suited humanoid robots, with gas masks for faces. They wear bandoliers and carry high-tech rifles that fire laser blasts. While they are programmed for human speech, they generally leave the talking solely to whichever one among them is designated as their Commander. Although, like most mindless robots, they generally speak only in reference to ther mission, at least one Commander has gloated in a manner most supervillainous.

Commandroids can also be made to grow using nanite technology derived from Kalask's red nanites, as demonstrated by Winters in Venja form.

After Winters is transformed into Venja, all Commandroids from that point onward are created directly from her body's nanites.