Purple Vehicle Squad Ranger
Ghost Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad
Colors: Purple
Homeworld: None
First Appearance: Justice is Serve
Last Appearance: Vehicle Squad Miracle
Number of Episode
Actor: TBA
Purple Vehicle Squad Ranger
Ghost Ranger
Purple Vehicle Squad Ranger
Ghost Ranger (formerly)

"Vehicle of Loyalty! Purple 11! Purple Ranger!"
—Roll Call

- Claire's roll call

Claire is a Violet/Purple Vehicle Squad Ranger who joined the Rangers. She became Randal's girlfriend to help him defeat the Demons of Underworld.


Justice is Serve

The Rangers successfully defeats Hades and celebrate their victory and doing the party, Claire would like to join the party but she declines. Randall tries to plead her come join the party but she can go and get some fresh air. Unfortunately, Claire betrays the Rangers, reveals her dark side in temporary and become Ghost Ranger after obtains the Blade of Darkness from Chaos Knight. Then she begins to take over the World for good.Claire's Ambitions

The Rangers confronts Claire at the plains and ask her why she destroy the city, somehow she was revealing her ambitions about taking over the World. She easily destroys Jacob's GT Sword's Super mode - Red Mech Battlizer and the sword too. When Truck Rangers came to rescue the other Rangers and fight Claire. Once Claire weakens the Rangers and uses the Blade of Darkness to deliver a final strike into raising the power level. Eventually she use the Blade of Darkness once again to transform herself into 5 Zords and then transform into the unstoppable invincible Megazord called Ghost Megazord. Claire challenges Truck Rangers' Truck Brawler Megazord to a duel in order to wound the Rangers. After Claire weakens the Megazord enough, she slashes the Truck Rangers' Megazord in the head causing the Rangers to evacuate and the Megazord caught in the gigantic explosion. The Rangers are only hope to fight Claire, using the Vehicle Squad Ultrazord to battle her. The Rangers manage to use the last special attack against on Claire and the evil Megazord and makes destruction of the Blade of Darkness. Without Ghost Megazord, Claire gives out her dark side and redeems herself. Claire ask the Rangers to forgive her. Claire sacrificed herself after destroying Ghost Megazord, but fortunately, she survived later in the end and reunite with the Rangers as well.The Finale


Claire was 19-years-old and she was Caucasian-American and has brown hair and green eyes. She wears purple t-shirt, purple sweater, blue jeans and purple sneakers and wearing the Purple Vehicle Squad Uniform as usual. In her evil form, she wears cerulean t-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, black boots, and teal eye shadow.

Ranger Forms



  • Rev Morpher (Purple) - Allows Claire to morph into the Violet Vehicle Squad Ranger.
  • Van Spear Bowgun - Claire's primary weapon.
  • Ghost Scythe - Claire's secondary weapon and pure-good weaponry after the weapon turned good (season 2 only).



  • Blade of Darkness (formerly) - Not as a Morpher but allows Claire to morph into the Cerulean Ghost Ranger.
  • Ghost Scythe - Claire's secondary weapon (later used in season 2) and Ghost Ranger's evil weapon.


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