Cimmerian Planet

The Cimmerian Planet was the gathering place of the leaders of the United Alliance of Evil, and the prison of the Weeping Angels.


It is a planet with orangish features resembling tectonic plates; nearby was an object resembling the Earth's moon. There are no known natives or life forms of any kind; either it never developed life, or its inhabitants were exterminated by the Alliance of Evil when they made the planet their headquarters.


It is first mentioned when a flame-headed man told Divatox to go to the Cimmerian Planet, which she did when she heard that the orders came from Dark Specter, Grand Monarch of Evil. At the beginning of 1998, the United Alliance of Evil, along with a disguised Andros, gathered on the Cimmerian Planet to celebrate Zordon's capture. Dark Specter appeared and told of his plans to conquer the universe before they discovered Andros among them.

The Cimmerian Planet was presumably owned by the Alliance, maybe even the central world of the UAE. After the Z-Wave,  it was left uninhabited until the year 2007, when a Crack in the skin of the universe opened, releasing four Clerics and a horde of alien creatures called Weeping Angels into it. A passing ship managed to rescue the men, but one of them was infected with the image of an Angel, and it soon killed him and attacked the rest of the ship's passengers. One of the Clerics, Marco Raxon, was able to fight off the Angel until stronger forces could arrive, and the decision was made to quarantine the planet.

The quarantine remained in place until 2011, when a mercenary ship happened to fly too close to the planet, and the Angels drained its power cells enough to suck it in. Taking over, they began spreading across the galaxy again, although most waited behind on the planet, weakened by the four-year lack of energy. Because of this, the Alchemist was able to essentially kidnap several groups of Angels and place them on different planets to antagonize the inhabitants, as well as Stellar Corps. The Stellar Rangers fought them on various planets, but finally decided to go straight to the source.

On the Cimmerian Planet, the Stellar Ultrazord was immediately set upon by famished Weeping Angels desperate for its power. Although they could not feast upon the energy the Stellar Rangers put out (part of their design), they began tearing through the Megazord, until the Stellar Rangers released a hemisphere-wide shockwave that destroyed every single one on the planet. No Angel survived, leaving the Cimmerian Planet empty again.  Its ultimate fate is unknown.