Christi Cornell
Christi 2
Hi-Tech Police Pink Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Hi-Tech Police Patrol
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
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Hi-Tech Police Pink Ranger
Hi-Tech Police Pink Ranger

Hi-Tech Police Pink!

Christi Cornell is the Hi-Tech Police Pink Ranger of the Hi-Tech Police Rangers.


Christi is the twin sister of Cassidy Cornell. Unlike her, sister Christi is more serious about life than fashion. Christi still loves her sister and is willing to protect her and the city.

Pink Ranger Game On!

Christi was aware of the Dino Rangers but stayed behind the scenes studying. Christi enrolled to Hi-Police Academy to find her way to serve the public outside of her hometown Reefside where the Dino Thunder Rangers were based in. Christi has this in common with her sister that is she wears a lot of pink. Christi can hold her own as the Pink Ranger and never let down her guard and is always there for her friends.


Unlike her, sister Christi is a tomboy and loves getting her hands dirty especially when it comes to the bad guys.

Hi-Tech Police Pink Ranger



  • Hi-Tech Patrol Morpher
  • Hi-Tech Police Badge
  • Hi-Tech Pink Cruiser Cycle


  • Christi unlike her sister is a Tomboy