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Chpt15 Ep1: "Their War Here" is an episode in the series: Power Rangers: Omniverse.


The episode begins directly the moment Hunter & Kurt are in disagreement with one another in Miranda's base on who to rescue from Michael's grasp. Kurt's daughter; Demitra or Hunter's mother; Mary Winchester.

Just moments before their tensions with one another further escalated, Hunter is then struck in the back of his head by Cole and goes unconscious.

Sometime later, a sound of Hunter's cellphone is ringing and awakens him. He finds himself now locked in a small dark room somewhere in Miranda's base. Hunter then checks his phone to see who's calling and then reveals to be...HIS MOTHER. Hunter then quickly answers the phone and asks if she's fine, though unfortunately she informs him that she's still on-board Michael's ship and calls for his help. Hunter then questions her if Kurt is with him. Though she tells him that he's elsewhere in the ship as he's about to confront Michael. Hunter then tells her to stay put that he himself will be on the way to rescue her.

In an instinct, Hunter morphs in his Ranger form and kicks down the locked door. This then alerts several of Miranda's men standing guard and rushes to confront Hunter. But he was able to fight them off with ease as he rushes for the exit and gets in the Impala and speeds off on the road. Hunter then begins to track down his mother's phone location and indicates that she's heading towards New York.

As Hunter is just about a mile away, he bare witnesses the chaos and warpath that's been brought upon to the metropolitan city by Michael's forces. Where in the heart of the city, is Michael's terraforming instrument of destruction, the World Engine, is towering over the city. And at the same time from the distance, Michael's ship is setting a crash course towards the city ruins as it shows to be engulfed in black smoke (as Michael & Kurt are engaging with one another in their fight). Hunter then follows the smoke trail as he drives through the war-torn city. Fire, debris and dust clouds occasionally force him to turn corners as the ship is raining down and crashing through multiple buildings.

Inside, Mary stumbles around and gets knocked unconscious after hitting her head from a falling debris as the ship makes impact on numerous obstacles on the outside where then it crash lands and finally comes to a stop.

Hunter then begins to realize that he's lost track of the ship after making multiple turns around the city grounds. And as Hunter makes another turn, he sees a crowd standing in the middle of the street and the World Engine tower now dead silent as it's beams have been deactivated. Hunter steps out of the Impala and spots the ship where Cole crashes it into the World Engine then igniting from within that sends in a loud boom blast to the crowd around Hunter. As the ship is sucked in by some sort of singularity, causing everyone else to panic to get away from the scene. Though Hunter runs down the chaotic streets in search for Michael's downed ship.

Where at the same time inside the ship, Mary regains consciousness as she's severely wounded from the interior debris of the ship.

Eventually Hunter runs up to a street and just about a block away, he can see the wreckage of Michael's ship. Though the street is scattered with burnt out vehicles and building debris. Hunter then tries to clear a path to get to the other side and tries calling his mother again.

Inside the ship, Mary's phone rings and she's able to reach out to it and answers Hunter.

Hunter tells her that he sees the ship and that he's coming over to rescue her. Though Mary tells him that it may be too late as she's badly injured after the crash.

Something then occurs where suddenly up towards the skies - MICHAEL & KURT are fighting all out in mid-air with their super-powered abilities being equally matched. They then throw one another at a nearby building next to the downed ship.

As this happens, Hunter quickly doubles his effort in trying to clear a path towards the ship. While still on the phone, he panically tells his mother to hold on as he's about to make it to the ship.

Meanwhile at the same time, Michael & Kurt bursts out of the building where they crashed and takes their fight elsewhere across the city. Where then the building begins to lose it's support, it then tilts over towards the downed ship, getting ready to collapse over it.

Hunter watches in horror as the building collapses and calls out his mother's name in anguish. Hunter then ferociously morphs in his Ranger form and uses his weapon to tear down every blockade in his path. He then fearlessly runs right into the falling debris, desperate to try to reach the ship and save his mother. Hunter is then engulfed in a huge cloud of dust from the falling debris as he tries to locate the ship. Within the fogging dust cloud, Hunter uses the heat signature scanner of his Ranger visor to detect any signs of his mother and is finally able to locate her.

He finds her buried underneath heavy rubble from both the fallen building and huge column portions of the ship. Hunter then quickly removes them atop his mother and finally gets to reach out to her.

He holds her onto his arms only to realize that Mary is revealed to be mortally wounded and has lost a lot of blood on her abdomen due to all the debris that's fallen over her.

Hunter powers down his Ranger form and quickly gets emotional and tries to wake his mother. Though with only little strength she has in her, she slowly opens her eyes to Hunter and tells him that it's alright and knows that he did the best he can to save her. She then lastly tells him that she'll always love him before dying in Hunters arms. Hunter sobs in agonizing pain and embraces her for a moment.

A low rumble is heard from the skies above and gets Hunter's attention. He looks up to the sky and then witness meteorites are now raining down towards the city. And within them -- is the battle of Michael & Kurt as it ensues.

Anger now builds in within Hunter as his expression changes from sadness and into hatred. Most specifically.....towards KURT! His eyes of fury follow the direction of where Kurt and Michael have crashed down towards the city and gets up and now slowly makes his way towards them.

A month later has then passed as the rest of the world slowly recovers from the aftermath of the invasion from Michael's forces. In New York, buildings are being rebuilt as it served as one of the epicenter's of the invasion, along with it being the battleground between Michael and Kurt. Where in the heart of the city, Michael's downed ship has now become a research facility of sorts where both military and scientists personale are examining the remnants of Michael's ship.

Elsewhere, a group concealing their identities as their faces are hidden in the shadows are observing the interior of Michael's ship by hacking the military's security cameras placed all over the ship. The members discuss how the official government military has fully gained all rights to conduct research on Michael's ship and that they need to somehow acquire the ship from the government and use what secrets lye within Michael's ship and about the history of his race and possibly even God's.

Then one particular member who reveals to be a young man in his 20's, proposes that acquiring Michael's ship should be the less of their concern at the moment. That he himself can simply acquire the ship from government "with leverage". He then reveals a footage from the moment Hunter said "yes" to Michael and possessed him. The man points out that the Archangel Michael is still on the loose. And that "their war here" has only begun, although it's not the war between the humans and angels, but rather between HUNTER & KURT!