Chpt13 Ep7: "The Deceiver"
Chapter 13, Episode 7
Air date March 2018
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Chpt13 Ep7: "The Deceiver" is an episode in the series Power Rangers: Omniverse.


On the road making their way to Wind Caves, South Dakota, Kaia is still withdrawn and terrified in the back seat next to Damien while Kurt and Hunter are in the front seats of the Impala.

Kurt: [whispers to Hunter] So now what? We get Kaia to Wind Caves, and then what? Force her to dreamwalk at gunpoint?

Hunter: We get my mom and Cas back, no matter what. Remember?

In the backseat, Damien tries to comfort Kaia by sitting closer to her.

Damien: I'm sorry... about all of this. I was like you, Kaia, afraid of my powers. But it doesn't have to be like that. You said that you wished that things could've been different, and that's why you reached out to Derek. Derek thought that you could help me, and I could help you.

Kaia: Why do you keep saying his name? Derek's dead because of you.

Damien: Five seconds.

Kaia: What?

Damien: Give me five seconds to show you what Derek saw, what I saw with him. It wasn't just the Bad Place. It was... everything else. And it was amazing.

Kaia: [sighs] Five seconds.

Damien then places his hand on Kaia's temple and her eyes glow gold as a look of wonder and excitement crosses her face at the vision Damien implants in her mind.

Damien: Our powers can be good. We can do good in this world.

Then suddenly, a car without headlights approaches head on, on the wrong side of the road. Hunter squints into the dark to see it just then their headlights turns on, blinding him and Kurt. He swerves to avoid a collision, and ends up turned around on the road. The other car turns back then chases after them.

Hunter: What the hell?!

Kurt: Angels. They've found us.

Hunter steers the Impala down the side road into an old shipyard. They pull to a stop beside a huge deserted ship and everyone gets out of the Impala. Hunter gets a bag of gear from the trunk and tosses it to Kurt.

Kurt: Okay, everyone out. Let's go.

Hunter: Get everyone in that ship. I'll try to hold em off.

Then a high-pitched ringing sound gives off in Damien once again and clutches his head in pain.

Damien: Aah!

Kurt: Gotta fight it Damien, come on! Go, go, go!

Kurt, Damien, and Kaia race up the railway and into the rusted old ship. Hunter & Kurt morphs in their Ranger form and readies themselves as they confront the angel that took Kaia, who then pulls up to the yard and gets out of her car.

Female Angel: We need that boy, Rangers. Heaven's running out of angels. Only he can save us.

Hunter: As far as I'm concerned, you dicks can fry.

Female Angel: Yes, well, you first.

Then two other cars full of angels pull up behind the female angel, having to call some backup. Realizing to be outnumbered, they take off running towards the ship.

Interior the rusting hull of an old ship, Kaia stands at a loss while Kurt paints warding sigils on the walls

Kaia: What's gonna happen now?

Damien: Don't worry. We'll be fine.

Hunter [entering to where they're at]: We're screwed. There's too damn many of 'em! We gotta go in the higher quarters. Let's go!

Hunter leads them all up a flight of stairs, while outside a dozen angels calmly makes their way towards the ship. Inside, Kurt stops to spray paint additional warding sigils

Hunter: How long will those wardings hold?

Kurt: I don't know. They should buy us some time at least.

Kurt finishes the sigil, and then run up another flight of stairs as the angels stand on the dock outside the warding. Kurt, Hunter, Kaia, and Damien have reached the end of the line and can go no farther. Kurt paints more wards on the doors.

Kurt: Hey, Hunter, maybe if we let 'em in and then we expel them all away with a blood sigil.

Hunter: No, the blast won't be able to hit every single one of them. They'll corner us either way.

Outside, the angels crouch down and place the tips of their blades on the ground after realizing the warding sigils placed throughout the ship.

Hunter: Damien, can you do anything?

Damien: I can try, but they'll hit me with angel radio again.

Outside, the angels coordinate their power by slamming their hands to the ground and releasing an immense shock wave that blasts away at the warding sigils, shaking the entire ship.

Hunter: Okay, all right, so then we go out guns blazing. We take out as many as we can. Kid, sorry to drag you into this. This was not your fight.

Outside, the angels repeat their assault on the sigils, and the boat shakes again. Now having to make the floor below them tremble. 

Damien: If they get up here, they'll kill you all and take me.

Kaia: No, they won't. You said I could help you find the door to another world, right?

Damien: Yes.

Kaia: Let's do it. Let's get out of here.

Hunter: Can you take us to Cas and my mom?

The angels release another shockwave making the room inside rumble.

Hunter: Can you do it?!

Damien: I don't know. We'll try right here.

Kurt: What if something goes wrong?

The entire boat's rumble intensifies as the warding paintings begins to fade away.

Hunter: Something already is going wrong! Damien, go, do it!

Kaia sits down at a chair and Damien stands behind her, ready for her to dreamwalk.

Damien: Are you ready?

Kaia: Always ready. Let's go.

The angels continue to attack, and the ship rattles and rumbles continually. Damien places his palms around Kaia's head and his eyes glow. From his POV, he sees a forest of completely dense and dark blue setting throughout.

Kaia: Okay, we're here. We're in the Bad Place.

The forest grounds is littered with bones, and various skulls. 

Outside the shipyard, the angels continue their assault of shockwaves, but it's affecting Jack and Kaia to remain focused.

Damien: Just relax Kaia and let go.

Inside the Bad Place, a shadowy creature snarls and runs from tree to tree through the mist of the forest.

Kaia: I can't.

Damien: Yes. You can.

As the shadowy creature looms in, Kaia is able to let go and Damien is able to zoom out of the Bad Place to reveal a veritable galaxy of alternate universes & realities. He looks through them, seeing one with a beautiful landscape and waterfall, then another world with a pitch-black surrounding with just a single individual standing in the middle of a dark room, and then spots the reality of Apocalypse World and zooms in on it.

Damien: There it is.

The angels continues their attack as the warding sigils are almost completely breached throughout the ship.

Kurt: Hunter, the warding's wearing off.

Hunter: Damien, hurry and find them now!

Inside Kaia/Damien's vision, a view is shown of Mary and Castiel running in the scorched fields of Apocalypse World.

Damien: I see them.

Thunder claps in Kaia's vision, and it snaps back to the Bad Place.

Damien: [Gasps] No! [To Kaia] Focus.

Her vision switches back between Castiel and Mary to the Bad Place.

Kaia: I'm losing them!

Damien: Almost. Almost! I just need to summon a portal in front of them.

Their vision flashes between the Apocalypse World to the Bad Place several times, unable to sustain one location. Just then a mysterious figure comes face to face with them in between the vision and then flashes a pair of eyes in hot red and laughs sinisterly.  As the angels step up their attacks for a final assault on the ship, Kaia begins screaming amplified by Jack's power still flowing through her, filling the entire room with a blinding light and sending the boys flying across the room including Kaia, crashing against the iron walls behind them. As the light fades away, a tear of the glowing rift has now been summoned before them. 

Hunter and Kurt slowly recovers as they've hit their heads hard against the walls. Damien too slowly gets up to observe the portal that he's summoned.

Damien: Kaia, we did---

Damien looks over to where Kaia was flung and goes over to her on the floor and realizes that she's been hurt upon the impact. She begins coughing out blood and reveals to have been stabbed by a metal pole on her side and is bleeding intensely.

Damien: No, Kaia, no!

Kurt goes over to them.

Kurt: No, no, no, Kaia. Hunter, we need to get her to a hospital!

Hunter goes over and the two carries her with one of them covering her wound with a hand. As the everyone heads for the exit, the dozen angels then slowly makes their way in the main quarters of their location. They back away with Kaia still over their shoulder. Damien then gets in front of the duo to protect them.

Damien: You won't hurt my friends anymore.

As Damien raises a palm, getting ready to blast them with his powers, with a gesture of their hands in unison, they're able to flung Damien aside, crashing through a glass display and turns their attention back to Hunter and Kurt. 

As they back away towards the rift with Kaia still over their shoulders, a shine of light bursts out of the portal as someone has gone through the rift and landing inside the room everyone's in. Hunter and Kurt along with Kaia steps aside. The figure shows to be dressed in torn up attire with a worn out long coat and a hood. As he slowly raises his head to face the angels, he flares his in red and unveils his hood and reveals to be known other than......LUCIFER.

The angels are stunned and slowly backs away as Lucifer sinisterly grins at them.

Angel #1: Kill the serpent.

As the angels are about to engage him with their blades, with just a snap of his fingers, Lucifer is able to disintegrate all the angels into clouds of dust.

Lucifer: They never learn.

Hunter and Kurt then faces Lucifer with a shocked and yet terrified look on their faces.

Kurt: How did---?

Hunter: Where's my mom and Cas?

Lucifer: Oh those two? They've been dead for weeks ever since I tore their guts out. I gotta say [comforts on the coat he's wearing], I see why Castiel never took this coat off. Always kept me cozy right after I snatched it off his corpse.

Hunter and Kurt starts to get emotional looks on their faces after realizing this.

Lucifer then looks over his shoulder to face Damien who's just recovering on the floor.

Lucifer: Could it be?...

Kurt: No---

Hunter: You stay away from him!

Lucifer then flungs them across the room and pins them against the wall. Kaia looks on on what's happening, beginning to pass out as she's bleeding out from her wound.

Lucifer slowly approaches Damien.

Damien: F-father?

Lucifer: Yes. It's me, son.

Damien then grows a huge smile and runs across the room to embrace Lucifer.

Hunter: What's going on? 

Kurt: Damien, you know who he is?

Damien then slowly turns towards the duo and now has a sinister look on his face.

Damien: Isn't it obvious?

Damien then clutches his fists to inflict pain towards Hunter and Kurt as the duo are powered down from their Ranger forms then are forced down on their knees.

Kurt: Agh! Damien --- w-why???

Damien: After all this time, I already knew who my real father was. Even before I was born.

In a flashback, as Lucifer was still chained by Crowley in one of Hell's dungeons, Lucifer was able to send whispers to an unborn Damien as he was still in the womb of Kelly. Revealing to have had a connection before his birth.

Damien: Lucifer told me what I'm destined to become. What my true purpose was. That is why I deceived Castiel in to thinking I was to be good.

A flashback is shown to when Castiel showed to care for Kelly as she still had Damien. Then to the moment Castiel was powered by an unborn Damien to kill the Prince of Hell, Dagon.

Hunter then begins to grow a furious look as he strugglingly reaches for his morpher on his wrist.

Damien: Then just the day I was due to be born, I dreamt of a world that is filled with chaos and destruction. Where the Earth is nothing but a barren wasteland. That is where I came up with --- "Apocalypse World".

Hunter and Kurt are then shocked after hearing this.

Kurt: W-wait --- you created...Apocalypse World?

Damien: Yes. I thought of a world I wanted to become a reality, so I opened a gateway towards it. It is the world I intend on bringing upon yours. I wanted to show my father what I envisioned the Earth would be like, but---

Lucifer: But things didn't go as planned when you apes and your little angel got me trapped there. So, it took a while for my son to reopen a doorway to his newly-formed unvierse. And I gotta say, son, you outright did what I wanted to do to this Earth.

Damien: (smiles) Really?

Lucifer: (emotionally) Yes, I'm so proud of you.

As the sinister father/son duo share a moment, being distracted, Hunter is finally able to morph in his Ranger form and takes out his Titanium Laser and starts blasting away on Damien and Lucifer. The bolts of energy then absorbs within Damien and Lucifer, though it doesn't do no harm to them. They then turn their attention towards Hunter.

Lucifer: You never learn, do you?

Hunter stands in defiance against Lucifer.

Lucifer: Now off of this world you go. 

As Lucifer then snaps his fingers...nothing happens.

Lucifer: What?

Lucifer snaps his fingers again in an attempt to kill Hunter, then nothing happens.

Kurt then looks on in surprise.

Kurt: Hunter, how---

Hunter: You can thank me later. (To Lucifer) Snap your fingers all you want. I learned a little trick from an old friend.

A flashback is shown from the moment Bobby, from Apocalypse World, had Hunter borrow his modified blaster to use during the duo's last encounter against Lucifer. To which Bobby gave Hunter instructions of how to modify a Ranger weapon, with mixing ingredients from magic and other material.

Hunter: Hate to break your little father/son moment, but looks like recreating a messed up version of this Earth, also included recreating one of our old friends we had. Because ol' Bobby taught me this trick on fusing magic and Ranger tech. And what I just hit the two of you with, were waves of angel-dampening bolts. Sure, they're harmless. But not if you rely on your angel powers much. So, consider yourself powerless for the moment.

Hunter then quickly takes out an angel blade, and just as he's about to strike Lucifer with it, Damien shields his father and in an instant, they vanish in a flash of white light. Hunter and Kurt covers their eyes from being blinded and then looks back as Damien and Lucifer were able to escape. As it turns out the bolts didn't affect Damien at all. As they look around, they notice that Kaia too had vanished, possibly being taken by Damien.

The duo exchange looks for a moment with Kurt having a worried expression on his face while Hunter looks on in anger, having to be right about Damien.

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