Chpt13 Ep6: "Dreamwalker"
Chapter 13, Episode 6
Air date March 2018
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Chpt13 Ep6: "Dreamwalker" is an episode in the series Power Rangers: Omniverse.


The episode begins with an artist, Derek Swan getting ready to close his shop. But his wife comes in to tell him about one more potential buyer for the day. When that person comes knocking on the door, it turns out to be Damien. When his wife leaves them alone for the moment, Damien states his true intent on meeting with him: He’s sought Derek out because he’s a "dreamwalker" and is convinced that Derek can help him "navigate" to Apocalypse World, which Damien identifies in one of Derek’s artwork, having to contain paintings of spikes spread across a deserted wasteland. Derek initially denies his request, but Damien offers a few hundred-dollars, to which giving Derek a second thought then eventually agrees on doing it. Moments later, he sets up a ritual and gets into place to trigger is dreamwalking ability. As Derek closes his eyes, he's then able to envision and locate the alternate universe in his mind, but when he begins losing his ability to focus, Damien uses his powers to force Derek to remain in the Apocalypse World so Damien too can see what Derek sees. As Damien puts his hands around the temple of Derek’s head, veins of gold begins to flow throughout his face as Damien merges his powers along with Derek's dreamwalking ability, now too giving him a view into the alternate reality. His eyes shine in gold as he's "able to see it all clearly" of the other world. But as Damien holds on to Derek for too long, it starts to cause him some pain to which making him scream in agony. Later when Derek’s wife returns inside, she's horrified to find Derek now on the floor with his his eyes burned out, dead.

At the Bunker, Hunter has been awake early in the morning working on something at the garage workshop. It's revealed that Hunter is modifying his Titanium Laser from the research he's been doing behind Kurt's back. The contents of his research reveals are scattered from old Men of Letters files along with ingredients for a spell. To which Hunter is applying to his Ranger weapon. Kurt then wakes in his room and as he walks down the hall, he sees Hunter's room open and notices that he's been out of bed already. Hunter then hears Kurt calling out for him where he then quickly puts a sheet over the work he's been doing and then makes a quick exit out of the garage to which he bumps in to Kurt just out in the hallway. Kurt asks what Hunter's been doing that got him to waking early, Hunter only tells Kurt that he's been gathering things inside the Impala so they can hit the road much earlier in search for Damien. Kurt then tells Hunter they still need to look for leads to which he suggests to they start looking online. Hunter says that he'll meet up with Kurt at the main hall after making their breakfast. Kurt agrees and heads the other direction as Hunter turns his back to lock the garage door and heads to the same direction Kurt went.

After their breakfast, Hunter and Kurt are working double on each of their computers on trying to find any leads that could lead them to Damien's whereabouts. Kurt wonders how Damien could just go off like that on his own, thinking it's better for him to be away from the duo. Hunter expresses that possibly Damien's "satanic hormones" are starting to kick into him. Kurt gives Hunter a look for his ridiculed comment. Then Kurt finally finds something about a one death of Derek Swan in Bismarck, North Dakota. Also mentioned in the article how the wife explained that Derek's eyes were burned out when he was murdered. Hunter claiming it to be "angel-y", the duo then decides to investigate on it. 

In Bismarck, Kurt and Hunter interview Derek’s wife at his artshop. She tells them Derek considered his art “reportage” of the worlds he visited as a dreamwalker. Hunter then spots the painting of the Apocalypse World in among of the artwork. In the Impala, Hunter is going through his dad's journal to know more about dreamwalkers while Kurt is on his laptop, worried that Damien may be trying to use dreamwalkers to locate the alternate universe that Hunter's mom and Castiel are in. Hunter then admits he was just starting to like the kid, but says they have to be prepared for the worst. Kurt is then able to hack into Derek’s email and finds out that he's not the only dreamwalker around and that he was coaching another, a girl named "Kaia Nieves".

Elsewhere, in a psychiatric facility, a group addiction therapy session is taking place, where the girl named Kaia is refusing to talk beyond monosyllables. She’d overdosed on amphetamines and the court ordered her into recovery. She refuses to be pressured into talking, but says she doesn’t belong there, that she’s not an addict. She hates the drugs, but, she only takes them to keep her away from “the Bad Place.”

As the meeting disperses, Damien is there and walks up to Kaia.

Damien: Hey.

Kaia: Oh, hello.

Damien: I'm Damien.

Damien extends his hand in greeting. Kaia doesn't shake it.

Kaia: Hi...Damien. You're new?

Damien: Yes, I am.

Kaia: So? What's your poison? 

Damien looks on at her blankly, not understanding the question.

Kaia: Um why are you here?

Damien: I like... cocaine.

Kaia: Oookay then. Well, I don't care why you're here, but you're gonna have to find a new day one buddy, 'cause that's not really my thing. 

She walks away but Damien follows her.

Damien: Wait, I know who you are, Kaia. I'm a... friend of Derek's. He told me about you. Said you were like him. [whispers] A dreamwalker.

Kaia: What? I-I don't---

Damien: He said you were able to handle your abilities better than he could. And I need your help. 

Kaia: Look, I– I don't know what you think you know about dreamwalking–

Damien: And I can help you too. I can get you out of here. 

Kaia: How?

Damien: Follow me.

As Hunter and Kurt arrive at the facility, Damien leads Kaia to breaking out of the place. As they head out for the emergency exit, Damien breaks several locks on the door and steps outside, followed by Kaia.

Kaia: How did you do that? That door was triple locked.

Damien: Was it? You're not the only one with powers.

Kaia: What are you?

Damien: That's a long story. This way.

Though when Kaia refuses to go with him, Damien becomes upset and tries to force her, but Kaia defends herself from Damien's grip by kicking him in the groin and escape. Just then Kurt and Hunter catches up behind Damien as they see Kaia fleeing away. Kurt and Hunter then demands answers from what Damien's been doing.

Damien: I...need her.

Hunter: You need her like you needed Derek?

Damien: Yes. You don't un... I'm– I'm doing this for you.

Hunter: Oh, you killed Derek for us?

Damien: Derek's dead?

Kurt: Wait, hold on a second. Damien, tell us what happened. Everything.

Damien: I left to try to get a grip on my powers. I wanted to prove to you that I'm good, to do one good thing. So I did the thing you wanted the most. I experimented opening doors to other worlds. I could almost do it. I could get right to the edge. But I couldn't see. I could only feel around in the dark. I needed eyes. A seer.

Kurt: A dreamwalker.

Damien: Yes. But I didn't know if it would work, but it did. He dreamwalked and I joined him in... the Apocalypse World. I could see what he saw. And I saw...

Damien then gets a flashback to the moment he linked himself along with Derek while dreamwalking and saw...Mary and Castiel roaming the lands of Apocalypse.

Damien: I saw them.

Hunter: Saw who?

Damien: My father, Castiel. And also...your mother.

Hunter and Kurt are stunned into silence with the revelation.

Damien: She's alive.

Hunter: I thought---

Damien: But she is in danger. They both are.

Kurt: W-what does that mean? What– what kind of danger?

Damien: It's easier if I show it to you guys.

Damien places his hands on Hunter and Kurt's temples. His eyes shine in gold, the same does for the duo. Damien is then able to show them the setting of Apocalypse World where they see Mary and Castiel hidding behind some boulders and all of a sudden running foward, fleeing from an unknown figure with flaring red eyes.

Damien then snaps them back to reality.

Hunter: Mom.

Kurt: I can't believe they're still alive.

As Damien talks to Kurt in the background, Hunter slowly turns away from them as if the rest of the world is blurring out around him. Even Kurt and Damien's voices are muffled, and Hunter stares blankly in shock.

Damien: I was so close to them. I could've opened a portal for them. But, Derek wasn't strong enough to hold the connection to the other world.

Kurt: Wait, so you didn't burn him out?

Damien: No, he was still alive when I stopped and left his shop. Derek, he wasn't strong enough, but he knew someone who was

Kurt: Kaia.

Damien: Yes. She's our only lead to Apocalypse World. 

On a nearby road, Kaia begins hitchhiking; a car stops and offers her a ride. As Kaia gets in the car she is then knocked unconscious by a pointed silver blade and then gets abducted by what reveals to be two angels. They then drive off towards the road.

Later, The angels have tied Kaia to a chair in a warehouse, where they reveal to her who they are and how Damien is the son of Lucifer. Also that upon searching for Damien, they were the ones that killed Derek when he refused to give any information about Damien. And now that they have Kaia, they'll be using her as bait to lure Damien to them.

While on the road in the Impala, Hunter laments the fact that Kurt was right about the chance of Mary and Castiel being alive in Apocalypse World. Now that he knows she’s alive, he says they’ll find them, no matter what. Then suddenly, Damien gets a migrain as a sound of screeching is given off in his head. The duo asks what's wrong then Damien tells them it's from "angel radio", that the angels have Kaia held hostage and that they were the ones that killed Derek after all. They then arranges to make an exchange, Damien's life for Kaia's.

At the warehouse, one of the angels stands guard outside. Interior, Kaia tells the other angel that they chose the wrong bait, that no one will come after her because she's a nobody. The angel agrees that Kaia doesn’t matter, but Damien and the Rangers will come for her anyway. Then suddenly Kurt, Hunter, and Damien makes their way inside as Hunter is holding the other angel hostage with a blade, and demands to let Kaia go.

Angel #1: She's not what we want anyway. [addressing Damien] Damien, I don't wanna hurt you. I wanna help you. You should be among your own kind.

Damien: My kind? The kind that kills people? That kidnaps people?

Angel #1: You don't belong with them. Come with us. Come home.

Damien glances at Kurt and Hunter

Damien: I am home.

The angel then grabs Hunter's wrist to go for the blade, and headbutts Hunter to the ground. Kurt morphs in his White Dino Ranger form and fights the angel that knocked down Hunter. The angel holding Kaia then takes out an angel blade of her own and is about to lunge on them with it, but Damien's eyes glows in gold and he's able to freeze the angel with his power, levitating her then throwing her across the warehouse, crashing through a window and a wall as Kaia watches on, stunned. Kurt clambers to retrieve the blade away from the opposing angel, but the angel is able to overpower him and knocks him aside. As the angel goes to stab Hunter with the blade, Damien then freezes him by using his powers once more, then forcing the angel's hand to turn so he's pointing the blade to his own torso. When Damien releases him, the angel stabs himself and falls dead to the ground. Kurt and Hunter scramble back to their feet. Kurt then goes after the angel that Damien had flung from the warehouse, while Hunter and Damien run to assist Kaia.

Damien: Are you okay?

Kaia: No! What the hell was all that?!

Damien: They were angels. Bad angels.

Kaia: Angels?

Hunter: Yes, and Kurt and I are Power Rangers. We kill things like them.

Kaia: That's insane.

Hunter: Yeah, the whole world's insane. You get used to it. 

Kurt: [comes back to the group] The other angel took off. She might be back, she might not.

Hunter: Yeah, we should move.

Moments later they exit the warehouse and makes their way to the Impala.

Damien: Don't worry, we'll protect you.

Kaia: [stops] Um, yeah I don't think so.

Kurt: Wait. Hey, hey. Kaia, look, I'm sure this is a lot. But... [Sighs] Look, we need you. Okay? My brother and I, our friend and his mother are trapped in– in another world, and– and if you can tell Damien where it is, then he can open a portal–

Hunter: Then we can save them. [to Damien] So what do we do next?

Damien: Derek said there are sacred sites, places where the walls between worlds are thin, where it's easy to cross over. I was taking Kaia to the Wind Caves.

Kaia: The Wind Caves?

Hunter: Let's roll.

Kaia: No.

Kurt: We just saved your life in there.

Kaia: Thanks, but they only wanted me because of you.

Damien: Kaia, we need you to dreamwalk for us, to use your gift.

Kaia: It's not a gift. It's a curse. When Derek walked, he was free. He could go see beautiful things, to worlds that were paradises. I wish it was like that for me, but it's not. I only go to one place– a place that's an upside of this world...the Bad Place. It's just... blood and death and monsters.

Hunter: Well, it sounds like a lifetime of bad dreams, but–

Kaia: Bad dreams? [Kaia pulls up her sleeve, revealing several long claw marks inflicted on her] When I get hurt over there, I don't wake up sweaty. I wake up bloody. There's these--things that rules over the Bad Place. Things horrifying than you see in your worst nightmares. Hunter, I'm sorry about your mom, really, but I can't help you.

Kurt: All right, fine. Um... we can find another way. We, um...

Hunter then pulls out a gun, Kaia looks scared.

Hunter: Get in the car.

Kurt: Whoa, hey Hunter---

Hunter: Get in the car. 

Kaia steps back a few feet then suddenly, Hunter snaps and yells, advancing on Kaia and raising his gun towards her.

Hunter: Get in the damn car! 

Kaia gets freightened and immediately gets inside.

Hunter: We're going to South Dakota and that's final.

Hunter gets in the driver's seat followed by Kurt and Damien getting inside without saying anything else. Kurt just gives Hunter a worried look as he starts the engine and drives off.

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