Chpt13 Ep1: "The Devil's Spawn"
Chapter 13, Episode 1
Air date February 2018
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Chpt13 Ep2: "The Rising Son Pt1"

Chpt13 Ep1: "The Devil's Spawn" is an episode in the series Power Rangers: Omniverse.


The episode begins directly where Chpt12 ended, with Kurt entering the dark basement to find the Antichrist, Damien, now fully grown as a young adult. With his glowing gold eyes staring at Kurt. Kurt is terrified for a moment then takes a step back as Damien gets up and asks him:

Damien: Father? 

Kurt grows a confused look.

Outside the yard, Hunter is kneeling on the ground. Still in shock of having to lose both Mary and Castiel in the hands of Lucifer by getting the two trapped in another world. Hunter then comes back to his senses and grows a furious look. He morphs in his Titanium Ranger form and heads back towards the house.

Cut to interior of the basement with Damien and Kurt:

Kurt: No, no. No. I’m not your father, Damien. It is "Damien", right? 

Damien: (nods his head) Father. 

Then a sound of the front door opening and footsteps above.

Hunter: Kurt? Where are you? 

Kurt: In here. 

Hunter makes his way down the basement and joins Kurt. He spots Damien and immediately fires at blast at him with his Titanium Laser.

Kurt: No! (shoves Hunter's weapon away)

Damien gets startled by the blast that nearly hit him and suddenly begins letting out a ferocious scream. At the same time, intense waves of energy are given off by his fierce uproar as it levitates Hunter and Kurt off the floor, freeze-framing them in mid-air. The shockwaves starts causing an emmense earthquake in the area. Hunter and Kurt are unable to move as they're caught in the scream of energy waves. Finally, as Damien calms, they're then thrown into the wall, knocking the duo unconscious. 

Suddenly, Hunter starts having flashbacks to the moment of Mary and Castiel throwing punches on Lucifer. And then getting dragged along by him into the rift and trapping them into the alternate reality of the "Apocalypse World". Then Hunter quickly wakes from his nightmare the following morning as Kurt too does the same.

Hunter: Ugh, man. Wait, was that-

Kurt: Yeah, Lucifer’s son. 

They get right up and exits the house to wander around for any sign of him as he's left the area.

Hunter: Can he teleport? 

Kurt: What?

Hunter: "Satan Junior". Does he have wings? 

Kurt: I don’t know. 

Hunter: Crap, we gotta find him, fast.

They enter inside the Impala and quickly drives off.

While wandering the side of the road, Damien ends up at a "Pirate Pete's" fast food restaurant and starts calling out for his father at the drive-thru. The teens working there see Damien, naked, on the security camera from outside and one of them, Steve Barker, calls his mother who turns out to be the sheriff.

On the road searching for Damien, Kurt and Hunter discuss what to do with him.

Hunter: We still have holy oil, right? 

Kurt: For what? 

Hunter: Cause we’re gonna have to hit him with everything we got.

Kurt: Hold on a second. Can we just talk about what happened back there? 

Hunter: Sure. Which part? Let’s see. Crowley’s dead, Kelly’s dead, mom and Cas (pauses) gone, and apparently, the Devil’s spawn hit puberty in thirty seconds flat. Oh, and almost killed us. 

Kurt: Yeah, because you tried to shoot him. 

Hunter: I tried to shoot the monster, Kurt. It’s kind of what we do. 

Kurt: We don’t know what he is yet, Hunter. And I had it under control. 

Hunter: I’m sorry. Are you defending the Son of Satan? 

Kurt: I’m not defending anything. I’m just saying, look, with everything that’s happened, I’m obviously spun out also, but we need a plan. 

Hunter: Yeah, kill him! Okay? That’s the plan. Look, right now all that matters is finding him, and then ending him, before he hurts anybody else. And once we do that we’ll figure everything else out. 

Sheriff Barker arrives at the restaurant and confronts Damien. Realizing Damien has become agitated by the sight of her gun, she puts her hands up and assures him she is there to help him, and is able to convince Damien to come back to the station along with her son Steve. At the station, the sheriff gets Damien some clothes from the lost and found and questions him about his parents, only getting the information that his mother is now in Heaven and he is currently looking for his father. Realizing that attempting to get useful info from Damien isn't going anywhere, she takes his thumb print. After she leaves to check the print, Steve talks to Damien, amused by the whole thing and asking Damien how high he is. Damien, confused, tells Steve he isn't high, but that he is hungry.

Elsewhere, two angels looking for Damien find the house where he was born and discovers the mother, Kelly Kline, dead in her bed. They then agree to search the whole state to find Damien and bring him to Heaven.

Later, the duo stops at the Pirate Pete’s, Hunter figuring that Damien would have probably passed through there.

Kurt: Well. You really think that Lucifer Junior is at Pirate Pete’s? That he was like what, “before I destroy the world, let me just grab a bag of curly fries”?

Hunter: Look, if he would’ve kept to the main road, he would have walked past it. And I don’t know. And also I gotta grab something to eat. I'm starvin' here.

Kurt: Fine, just make it quick. 

Hunter: You’re not coming? 

Kurt: No. 

Hunter: Alright, look, maybe the Devil’s spawn is in there with probably bodies strung against the walls. Or maybe he’s halfway across the country, putting cities into flames---

Kurt: Ok, I get it. I'm gonna call Jody, check in, see if she can help us put a nationwide APB out on one "creepy satanic nudist". We good? 

Hunter: Good is not the word I would use. 

Inside the restaurant, Hunter walks in and finds nothing unusual but a drunk woman, Miriam, badgering at the employee. Hunter then asks the employee if he has seen a naked young person pass through the area. Much to his luck, the employee mentions that Damien has been there and was taken in by the local sheriff. Hunter then gives a call to the sheriff, pretending to be an FBI agent, she confirms she has Damien in custody. She tells Hunter she’s found something odd he needs to see, as she stares at Damien’s finger print which reveals to be strange vertical lines, rather than the usual whorls on a fingerprint.

Moments later, Kurt is seen walking back at the Impala with a bloody hand, where also the woman from the restaurant is outside and asks him what happened to his hand. When just ignores her, she begins ranting to Kurt about a woman named Becky who annoyed her in college, and so Miriam smashed her friend's Frozen poster and burned all of her belonings. As they was talking to Kurt, Hunter comes back letting Kurt know where Damien is being held. They then drive off leaving the strange woman behind as she just watches them take off on the road and grows a grin.

Back at the station, the lights inside suddenly start flickering on and off. As Sheriff Barker checks about and heads to a nearby room in the hallway, she finds her son and Damien in the break room eating some candy. She questions Steve about the flickering lights, so Steve has Damien show his mother how Damien is able to use his powers to get candy from the vending machine. As he is getting candy, Damien suddenly screams in pain and grabs his head. As he begins to walk away, Sheriff Barker tries to stop him, causing Damien to lash out with his powers and knock her out. Steve goes to his mother's aid as Damien quickly exits the room as he still hears the noise and voices given off in Damien’s POV and he struggles to remain upright and stumbles down the hallway where light bulbs explode overhead. he makes it to the main room before falling to his knees. in front of him he sees Hunter now inside the station. Damien’s eyes begin to glow again and he starts to struggle to his feet. Then a sound of a taser as Damien is struck by it from behind and falls to the floor. And reveals that it was Kurt who shot him with it from behind.

Hunter: Nice shot.

The sheriff then goes to where they're at and holds them at gunpoint, asking what they did to him.

Later, Sheriff Barker locks Kurt and Damien in a holding cell while she interrogates Hunter, who comes clean with the fact of who they really are.

Sheriff Barker: Say that again.

Hunter: We're...Power Rangers.

The sheriff just gives him a disbelief look.

Hunter: My name is Hunter Winchester. That big fella in there is my brother Kurt. And...we kill monsters.

Sheriff Barker: Monsters? Mm.

Hunter: Like Have you ever seen a horror movie? 

Sheriff Barker: Yeah.

Hunter: Mm, exactly like those things in them.

Sheriff Barker: So...what are you guys, some kind of superheroes? 

Hunter: We're just guys doing our job.

Sheriff Barker: So that kid you got in there, he's, uh not human? 

Hunter: Not exactly.

Sheriff Barker: So, um what is he? 

Hunter: Damien's the Anti...he's a nephilim. Half-human and half-angel. And, angels are real, too.

Sheriff Barker: [ Exhales, chuckles ] Right.

In the holding cells, Damien wakes and is about to lunge on Kurt, but he's able to calm Damien down before he tries to attack him. 

Kurt: [ Grunts ] Whoa, whoa. Easy, easy now. It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Damien: You already hurt me.

Kurt: Yes, I-I did. And I'm sorry about that. I was just trying to slow you down. You -- you were, uh, are you all right? 

Damien: I-I don't know. There's things that happen to me and I can't stop it.

Kurt: Why? What is it?

Damien: The voices. They were so loud, so angry.

Kurt: Do you hear them right now? 

Damien: No.

Kurt: Good.[ Chuckles in relief ] Good. [ Exhales sharply ] 

Damien: I'm sorry.

Kurt: What? 

Damien: Will you tell them that I'm sorry? 

Kurt: Yeah. Sure, of course. Damien how are you, um How are we talking right now? I mean, you're -- you're not even a day old. How are you able to speak? 

Damien: My mother taught me.

Kurt: So you talked to her.

Damien: When I was in her.

Kurt: Okay. And, um your powers. Did she teach you those, too, or no?

Damien: I don't know why these things happen. It's like I'm me, but...not me.

Kurt: Damien, look, um before you were born, you -- you opened a door to another world. Do you remember that? 

Damien: [ Inhales deeply ] Yes.

Kurt: Okay, um, could you do that again? 

Damien: I...I don't know how to control my powers. That's why I have to find my father. He'll protect me.

Kurt: [ gets a concerned look ] Damien, you gotta listen to me. That's not really what Lucifer does.

Damien: Lucifer? Who's Lucifer? No, that's not his name. My father is...Castiel.

Kurt: [ gets a surprised look ] What? 

Damien: My mother, she said Castiel would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place. That's -- that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. That's why I had to grow up fast. She told me my father's name is Castiel. Where is he? 

Kurt: [ hesitant ] He's, um, he's...gone.

Damien then begins to grow a saddened look.

Meanwhile, outside the station, as Steve is sneaking a smoke, Miriam arrives accompanied by the other two angels who were searching for Damien and takes Steve hostage.

Moments later, Hunter then comes through the hallway of the cells to give some news to Kurt. 

Hunter: All right, we're good to go.

Kurt: Really? 

Hunter: [ Door opens ] Yeah, the Sheriff -- I gave her the talk. She's gonna need a minute, but she's cool. So let's grab the Omen here and find some place quiet for, you know [ clicks his tongue and gestures Kurt to kill him off ] 

Kurt: No, no, no, Hunter. [ Chuckles ] Damien is not evil. He -- he -- he's just a kid.

Hunter: He's the spawn of Lucifer.

Kurt: No, we need him. He could get Cas and your mom back from the other world.

Suddenly, Steve screams for help within the station. Hunter goes off along with Sheriff Barker only to find Miriam with an angel blade against Steve's neck and is threatening to kill him for Damien's whereabouts. The other two angels then comes bursting through the doors holding cell area where Kurt and Damien are in. When they alert Miriam that they've found him, she stabs Steve in the abdomen. The sheriff then rushes to his aid as Hunter pursues in a fight against Miriam and at the same time while Kurt tries to protect Damien from the other angels, but proves to be no match for them. Hunter tries to go for his Titanium morpher but Miriam stands in his way and tries to slash him with the angel blade, where eventually he manages to get a hold of her to disarm and take away her angel blade and holds it against her throat. Hunter asks why they're trying to take Damien away, she reveals Damien is their "Golden Ticket" of rebuilding Heaven due to the near extinction of angels. In the jail cell, Kurt is now shown to be badly beaten by the two angels. As he slumped against the wall of the cell, Kurt manages to draw an angel banishing sigil with the blood pouring out his mouth to expel the two angels. At the same time, it shows to have tried affecting Damien as he's able to withstand the banishing sigil.

Hunter gets distracted by the blast wave of the banishing sigil, long enough for Miriam to headbutt him and gets away from his hold. She enters the holding cell area but is then confronted by Kurt with an angel blade and also by Hunter from behind. Feigning defeat, she offers to surrender and spare her life, but as the duo let their guard down, she then takes out another angel blade and quickly throws it in between the metal bars of the cell and then striking Damien, hitting him in the heart. Kurt then steps forward to stab her with his own blade, finally killing her. As Damien drops to his knees, the duo goes by his side to aid him but it turns out, Damien is able to slide out the bloodied angel blade that penetrated him and reveals that it did him no harm and simply says "I'm fine". Hunter and Kurt are shocked by this.

Later, Steve is taken to the hospital with his sheriff mother at his side. As Hunter and Kurt look on at Damien sitting nearby, having to take in the events that just transpired. Kurt tells Hunter that Damien should return with them to the Bunker. 

Kurt: I mean, Angel Radio sets his brain on fire, but other than that, he can take an angel blade to the heart and keep on tickin'. Still, more angels will try to go after him or even those damn Brits. Now, I know what you're gonna say about him--

Hunter: I agree.

Kurt: Wait, what? 

Hunter: I said I agree.

Kurt: So you changed your mind? 

Hunter:No. No, nothin's changed. He's still the Devil's kid. He's still evil. [ Clears throat ] He still brainwashed Kelly and Cas. And even if he hasn't gone "dark side" yet, he will.

Kurt: You don't know that.

Hunter: Yeah, I do. 'Cause when have things ever gone right for us? So until I figure out a way to end him, we'll bring him home. At least there, the only people he can hurt are you and me.

They then get Damien and gets in the Impala and drives off. Later, they return to the lake house where Damien was born to perform a funeral pyre for his deceased mother.

Hunter and Kurt first exits the Impala as Damien stays inside for a moment as the two talks outside.

Hunter: I mean, you sure he doesn't know how to open another door to get to Cas and mom? 

Kurt: Yeah, I'm sure.

Hunter: Then what about Amara? She promised she'd come back for you to fix this world her dad left behind, remember that? So maybe, um, maybe if we prayed to her or--- 

Kurt: You don't think I've tried that?

Earlier in the episode, from the moment after calling Jody to get a trace on Damien. Kurt exits the Impala and heads around the back of the restaurant to have some private space to himself and begins praying to Amara once more.

Kurt: [closes his eyes and raises his head up to the sky] Amara--G-God--whatever. I need your help. See, you -- you left me. You left...this broken world. You went off to the sunset and you said---(pauses) you said the Earth would be fine because it had me and it had Hunter to protect it, but it's not, and right now...we're doing a piss poor job at protecting it. [ voice begins to break ] We've lost so much right now. And now, you've got to help me bring back the people we lost. Okay? You're gonna bring back Castiel, you're gonna bring back Hunter's mom, Damien's mom, you're gonna bring 'em all back. All of them. Even Crowley. 'Cause after everything we've been through together in the past, I...I admitted how much I love you as you did the same to me. So, if you too truly love me, then you're gonna come back to this Earth and you make things right. Right here, right now! 

Kurt opens his eyes and looks around, but only to notice no sign of Amara. 

Kurt shakes his head in disappointment and all of a sudden, he lashes out at a wooden crate on the side by ragingly stomping on it with his boot until it's completely torn in pieces.

Kurt then gets emotional having to know that Amara didn't appear even after pleading to her for help.

Kurt: [looks up to the sky once more] Please, Amara. Please help us.

Back in the present between Hunter and Kurt:

Kurt: [ Exhales shakily ] Amara's not listening. This was the second time I tried reaching out to her. The first was back when the Brits tortured me, I prayed to her for help and she didn't answer. Same thing earlier today. She just--- [shakes his head in disappointment] I don't know man.

Kurt goes back to get Damien out of the Impala and the two heads upstairs of the house and into the room where Damien's mom, Kelly, lays rest, now covered in sheets. Damien seems lost in words and heads straight out of the room, having to know that his mother died in giving birth to him.

Later, Hunter and Kurt have put together a funeral pyre outside the yard for Kelly Kline.

Kurt goes by Damien's side to comfort him.

Kurt: You wanna say anything?

Damien: Wh-What do you say? 

Kurt: [sighs] Right. "Thank you". You say thank you. And you say you're sorry. You hope they're somewhere without sadness or, uh, pain. You hope they're somewhere better. And say goodbye.

Hunter finishes pouring gasoline around Kelly's covered body with wooden logs surrounding her and flicks a lighter.

Hunter: Yeah, well, goodbye Kelly.

Kurt: Goodbye, Cas. Goodbye, Crowley.

Hunter: Goodbye, Mom.

Hunter gives Kurt an emotional look and Kurt too does the same.

Hunter: They're gone, they're all gone.

Hunter proceeds to light the pyro as it spreads out to incinerate Kelly's body. The trio stand together as they watch the pyre burn about and lighting the night sky.

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