Chouzetsu Sentai X-Gokaigers
Number: 89
Number of episodes: 1-67
First episode: Matriarch of Damned
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers X Pirate Force
Original airing: 2019
Author: Deka Lord
Production Order
Animal Kingdom: Triberangers
Chouzetsu Sentai X-Busters

Chouzetsu Sentai X-Gokaigers  (超絶戦隊X-Gokaigers Chōzetsu sentai X - Gokaigers)  


is about a strong college student and a boastful nurse. It starts in a toxic empire. The story begins with an illness. The effects of extending lifespans is a major part for a performance.

Mirror X Bonnacon
Sawaya Isamu
Mirror X Echeneis
Tano Shoichi
Mirror X Parandrus
Kawashima Shiro
Mirror X Hercinia
Ban Natsuko
Mirror X Hercinia
Osada Ayumi
Mirror X Hercinia
Mihara Yasushi


  • Atlantis X Manta Oh
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