Chibi Changer
Chibi Changer
Idol Sentai Chibiranger
Used by: Chibirangers
Produced by: Tria Wirawan
Special System: Chibi Cards
Fans Changer

Chibi Changer is the transformation device of the Chibirangers.


"Dress up! Chibi (color)"
—Transformation announcement[src]

After scanning the associated Chibi Card, With a call "Chibi Change", the Chibirangers press the button. Three pink colored square holograms come out from the changer. The Chibirangers, now wearing grey base suit, then walk or run toward the holograms. Each hologram forms the suits, the shoes, and the helmet respectively.

Summoning Mecha

"Come on! Chibi (animal)"
—Chibi Animal summoning announcement[src]

The Chibi Changer can be used to summon a Chibi Animal by scanning the associated Chibi Card and then pressing the button.

Finishing Move

"(color) Appeal!"
—Individual weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Blaster Appeal!"
—Chibi Blaster finisher announcement[src]

By scanning the weapon with the changer, the Chibiranger can execute their "Appeal" finishing moves.


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