Charlie Starner
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers GSA, Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion, SPD
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ally 2-Day of Fellowship
Last Appearance: Endings (2)
Number of Episode
30 (GSA)

2 (HD) 32 (GSA.O)

2 (Movies) 2 (Hexagon) 4 (SPD)

Actor: Gina Varela (SPD)

Rachel Bybee (Viacom Era)


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Charlie Starner is the infamous rouge and former A-squad leader. However, she used to work on the side of good alongside her sister, Agnus "Ageolis" Starner. Even though she sided with Grumm on her own terms. It's highly believed she was doomed to by trying to bond with Leo Stone after Harvey Rivers died, along with Ageolis, especially by Bridge Carson.

As a teenager, she is portrayed Rachel Bybee, the younger sister of Taylor Bybee/Coaster Studios.

Character History

Comedic Relief

Alongside Agnus, they formed the comedic relief duo of GSA, even though being absent quite a bit. They are the twin Daughters of Austin Starner, a local artist and High School ceramics and wood shop teacher. As being sisters and having a single parent for their whole life, they relied on each other more than most siblings and were more emotional when they were apart.

They get a summer job at the 5th street Cinema, the same location Eustus takes Gwen on a date in episode 8, along with the first appearance of Shogun Black, who actually freed her. Charlie is immediately skeptical about the Black ranger's identity (despite 5 of their friends are the "good guys"). To do this, they quit their job at the theater.

Ageolis immediately takes feelings for Bridge, obviously oblivious to the fact that he could one day beat her in battle (nor did Bridge). They try and get Bridge on their idea that Eustus is Shogun Black. He tells them that he can exactly do that, via his auras. During Homecoming, Bridge does this and relays it to the "Gemini" Detectives, and then propose to do it the core team. However, Bridge says that what if their identities are supposed to be a secret. However, Charlie is too nosy and she pulls Agnus into discovering the GSAHQ.

After the season break, Charlie and Agnus dream of being rangers, and Ashton vies for their right. They finally get their chance in episode 24 when captured by Xtrator. Five episodes later, Eustus (now a Blue Ranger) comes to protect the 7 GSA Rangers at an LGBT nightclub when a phantom rider plans to kill them, thanks to Eliza.

She helps her sister, Eliza, Bridge, and Eustus track a crystal based monster in the Rockies while the GSA are stuck in Japan. Ava eventually creates the Gemini Robo after the core team's powers are hacked in order to face a giant Magnator.

Galaxy Squad

She and Agnus became the Gemini Galaxy Rangers. While traveling through time to prevent Jark Matter's ride, Ageolis is killed, along with Harvey. Kayla says that Ashton can be risked with the Leo stone as being assigned female at birth, but presently male, but Charlie stands up to Kayla, calling her "A girly girl who believes in old wives tales" and morphs.

Kayla was however correct and it starts making Charlie crazy. Eustus thinks that the souls of the dead that bind Kyu the Light might help. Instead, it turns her into the Matador ranger, her last form as a Galaxy Squad Ranger.


The Galaxy Squad Rangers fought alongside the Delta Busters, superheros, and the forgotten Rangers against the Shogun with all their weapons and zords, and wining. After the fight, Doggie was impressed, but also looking for new hires. Charlie and Kora oblige, hoping to separate themselves from the loss of their closest companions. Charlie became A-Squad Red and Kora A-Squad Pink. They were joined by 3 new rangers from KO-35 to protect New Tech City (Atlanta), Georgia from the darkest of aliens, thus opening the Earth to the universe.


After becoming A-Squad Red, she and Kora used the new Dial Stone, to access Galaxy Squad red and Matador Ranger modes.

She later did the same two episodes later during a team up with all 7 Phantom/Hexagon Rangers, the 14 remaining Galaxy Squad Rangers. She mentions she still uses the Cheetah Runner (which was her predecessor's zord). It is unknown when the A-suqad switched to the Delta Runners, which would be used by B-Squad in her new teams ultimate defeat three years later (because GSA.O ended in 2020 in universe and Hexagon is the summer of 2022).


Charlie is the high strung and adventurous sibling, Bridge and Aryia/Ashton both call her tomboys as both were tomboys as females. The Leo Stone causes her to become more selfish and hell-bent, which led her to do anything to get her sister back, even if that meant killing Doggie Kruger and siding with Grumm.


Main Powers

GSA/Gemini White

  • Gemini Power Ring
  • Gemini Blaster
  • Rainbow Staff

Appearances: Ally 23-26, 30, 32-35, Danger Thunder

Gemini Galaxy Ranger

  • Ohman Stones
    • Gemini Stone
    • Galaxy Morpher
  • Gemini Blaster

Appearances: Space 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 21-27, 29-35


A-Squad Red

  • Delta Enforcer
  • Cheetah Runner Zord (Hexagon)
  • Delta Runner 1
Appearances: Hexagon 22; SPD 1, 36-38

Lion Galaxy Ranger

  • Ohman Stones
    • Leo Stone
    • Leo Zord 1
    • Leo Minor Stone/zord 77
    • Galaxy morpher
      • Leo Sword


  • Regulus Crush: performs a powerful blast attack with the Galaxy Morpher.
  • Double-Star Impact: performs a slash attack with the Leo Sword alongside the Galaxy Quantum Ranger/Pavo Ranger.

Appearances: Revelation, Hex 23


GSA Episodes:

Ally 2-Day of Fellowship

Ally 3-Day of Desolation

Ally 4-City of 2's

Ally 5-Fiveman, Go

Ally 7-The Bride He so Desires

The Blonde in Black

Ally 10-Jetman, No Gou

Ally 15-Ageolis and the Magic Flute

Ally 16-The Biological Manifestation

Ally 17-V-Leauger, The World Series Fixing (cameo)

Ally 18-A Halloween Homecoming

Ally 19-Starner's Nightmare

Ally 22-With A Flash

Ally 23-The Shadow Line Special

Ally 24-The White Gemini

Eustus the Changeman

Ally 27-The Devil Down Below

Ally 28-The Eye of Jark Matter

Ally 29-Teenagers with Attitude

Ally 30-The Light in us All

Ally 31-The Lass in Scarlet

Ally 32-Your Son's and Daughter's

The Wormhole to Japan

Ally 35-The Acts of Sisters

Power Rangers Danger Thunder

Galaxy Squad Episodes:

Space 1-The Day the Earth Fell

Space 2-Legacy of Thunder

Space 3-The Real Danger

Space 4-Eyes Like Venom

Space 5-The Secrets of the Denshi

Space 6-Back to What was

Cousins of Darkness

Space 9-The Sound of Trampling Warriors

Legacy of the Crown

Space 12-Fourteen Ultimate All-stars

Space 13-The Stone to Rule Them All

Space 14-Tick-Tock

Space 15-Fall of the Bounty Hunter

Space 17-Orion, the Christmas Ranger

16 of Prophecy

Space 21-A Soldier Rises from the Ashes

Follow me up to Loch

Space 24-Life of the Outlaw

Queer and Thunder

Space 27-Secret of an Icon

Space 29-When We Were Young

Space 30-The Metallic Mad-eye

Space 31-The VR Trooper and the Maid

Fall of the Metallic Assassin

Struck in Time

Power Rangers: Revelation

Hexagon Episodes:

Thunder, Pride, and Era's End

SPD Episodes:

Episode 1: Beginnings (1) (morphed only)

Episode 36: Resurrection

Episode 37: Endings (1)

Episode 38/Finale: Endings (2)


  • First ranger to willingly turn Evil
  • First ranger to wear White 3 times
  • First female ranger to wear Red twice
  • First White Ranger to not have pink in their outfit since Udonna/Clare
    • first female ranger to have gold as part of her ranger outfit
  • First ranger to morph into a US exclusive suit, followed by Ageolis and Terrance since the Spirit Rangers
  • third female ranger on the team to have a male counterpart
  • first time twins become extra/wannabe rangers,
    • Madison and Vida where rangers from the start and Gem and Gemma were their own team prior to allying with Dr. K and the fellow operators. All others had an older sibling who usually joined later, with exceptions

See Also

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  • Tommy Oliver-first ranger to wear white and red
  • Lucky-Sentai Counterpart (as Lion Galaxy Ranger and Matador Ranger) from Kyuranger
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