Cerberus Voyager-0
Cerberus Star Zord
Number: 111
Pilot: Star Force Red
Season: Star Force
First Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: TBA (Star Force)
Length: 43.0 m
Width: 38.0 m
Height: 17.5 m

The Cerberus Star Zord is a Cerberus-themed Star Zord, known as the Cosmic Hound of Destruction.  



The Cerberus Star Zord revives when all three Cerberus Stones, sealed on planets Dober, Husky, & Bull in the Cerberus System, are assembled. After the final battle against Khaosmos's independent units, the Cerberus Stones returned to their respective planets. 

Cerberus Megazord

The Cerberus Megazord is the Megazord formation of the Cerberus Star Zord & four other Star Zords.

Cerberus Megazord (05*06*07*09*111)

Cerberus Megazord (05*06*07*09*111)
Zords: Cerberus Star Zord
Bull Star Zord
Snake-Bearer Star Zord
Chameleon Star Zord
Swordfish Star Zord
Pilot: Star Force Red
Star Force Black
Star Force Silver
Star Force Green
Star Force Yellow
Length: 16.8 m
Width: 38.0 m
Height: 45.7 m

The Cerberus Megazord (05*06*07*09*111) is the default combination of the Cerberus Megazord. It features the Swordfish Star Zord as the right arm, the Chameleon Star Zord as the left arm, the Bull Star Zord as the right leg, & the Snake-Bearer Star Zord as the left leg.

Using the power of Star Force Red: Lunar Mode, the Cerberus Megazord can grow even more gigantic; even bigger than the earth.

Its finisher is the Cerberus Break; the Cerberus Megazord charges at the enemy destroying them in the process.


  • The Cerberus Star Zord is the second zord to be based on the Mythical Cerberus; the first was the Cerberus Hyper Zord
  • The Cerberus Star Zord is a retool of the Lion Star Zord, possessing a new head & two new pieces that attach in the Star Orb slots on either shoulder to form its two additional heads.
  • The Cerberus Star Zord is the only Star Zord without an associated Star Force Ranger.

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