KSR-Cerberus Minosaur
Season Dino Knights

181 cm

Weight 272 kg

Cerberog is a Cerberus-themed Mysticron monster sent by the Conquerons created by the negative emotions of Holly, a friend of Derek, who is a staff member at a local animal health center.  

Character History


Cerberog is more bestial than other Mysticrons, incapable of speech and acting like a wild dog.

Powers & Abilities

  • Venomous Fangs: Cerberog can inject venom into a human from its fangs with a bite. It can also secrete the venom from its fangs, as it did in an attempt to poison the city's water supply.


Mysticron Info

  • Mysticron Attribute: Beast
  • Place of Distribution: Poisoned Watering Place
  • Experience Point: 109


  • Cerberog is the first Mysticron not to be enlarged or battle the Rangers' Zords. In the second appearance, Cerberog enlarged along with Krakshot with some energy from the humans, he along with the other Mysticron have a battle against the Zords.

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