KSR-Cerberus Minosaur brother
Season Dino Knights
Height 181 cm
Giant Height 44.3 m
Weight 272 kg
Giant Weight 666.4 tons

Cerberag is a Cerberus-themed Mysticron monster sent by the Conquerons, created by the negative emotions of Holly, a friend of Derek, who is a staff member at a local animal health center. He is the identical twin brother of Cerberog.

Character History



Powers & Abilities

  • Venomous Fangs: Like his brother, it can inject venom into a human from its fangs with a bite. The only way to cure the venom is to pull out one of its fangs & purify it to create an antidote.

Mysticron Info

  • Mysticron Attribute: Beast
  • Place of Distribution: Poisoned Watering Place
  • Experience Point: 259


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