Dino Knight Rangers
Dino Knights
KSR-Ryusoulger (All Six)
Led by: Dino Knight Red
Mentor(s): Ebus
The Base of Operations: Rysaul Castle
Location: Rysaul
Battled: Conquerons
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The Dino Knight Rangers, or just the Dino Knights for short, are the 27th Power Rangers. Originating & hailing from the kingdom of Rysaul, they are a team of knight/dinosaur-themed rangers that use the power of ancient dinosaurs known as “Dino KnightZords” to fight the evil Conquerons.  

Team Members

Dino Knight Rangers

Dino Knight Red 27 predecessorsSir Radcliff ► Logan Stewart
Dino Knight Blue 25 predecessorsSir Livius ► Sir Percival
Dino Knight Pink 24 predecessorsLady Varda ► Leia Edwards
Dino Knight Green 27 predecessorsSir Douglas ► Derek Wright
Dino Knight Black 25 predecessorsSir Nigel ► Rory Phillips
Dino Knight Gold Prince Finn
Dino Knight Violet Kandaar (defected) ► Reynald
Dino Knight Brown Reynald

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Team Members


  • The Dino Knight Rangers have few distinct & similarities to the previous Dinosaur-theme Rangers.
    • Dino Knight Red has the same Tyrannosaurus Rex-theme as all previous Red Dinosaur-theme Rangers.
    • All teams (except for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) have at least 4 male Rangers & 1 female Ranger.
    • Like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Dino Charge Ranger, this team also has a female Pink Ranger within the starting team.
    • The belt design is similar to the one used by the White Dino Ranger, while the Dino Knight Morpher is similar to the Dino Morpher, albeit a different direction on the changers’ animal faceplates.
    • The team members share the same colors as the Dino Charge Rangers, especially lacking any Yellow Rangers to speak of & having a Gold Ranger within the team, thus making the Dino Knight Rangers the spiritual successor of the Dino Charge Rangers.
  • The Dino Knight Rangers follow many of the noticeable patterns that each Legendary Dino Ranger team follows:
    • Each Red Ranger is based on a Tyrannosaurus & each team has Rangers that are based on a Triceratops.
      • Also, each Red Ranger has his exclusive power-up form (Armored Red Ranger, Triassic Ranger, T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger, & Dino Knight Red: Max Mode).
    • Each has a Ranger or Ranger-like Allies who was evil at some point (Green RangerWhite Dino RangerDino Charge Dark Ranger, & Reynald using the Kandaar Armor).
    • Each series has the team go up against a Knight-themed armor-based character, Knasty KnightZeltraxFury, & the Kandaar Armor.
  • This is the first ranger team to have a Pink Ankylosaurus Ranger & a Green Smilodon Ranger.
  • The Dino Knight Rangers are the first team since Power Rangers SPD where the arms of the Core Rangers suits are Asymmetrical color-wise (EX. The arms of the core B-Squad Rangers costumes had their right arm in their designated color & their left arm was black; the Dino Knight Rangers costumes have their right arm in their designated colors & their left arm is silver).
    • Also, the Sixth Rangers of both teams have their Left Arm in Navy Blue & their right arm in their color (Sam/SPD Omega Ranger had a White Right Arm & a Navy Blue Left Arm & Finn has a Gold Right Arm & a Navy Blue Left Arm.)
  • Coincidentally, the Dino Knight Rangers practically share the same color scheme as the previous dinosaur-themed Power Rangers, the Dino Charge Rangers.
  • Due to the Justice Rangers' official classification as the 33rd Power Rangers Team, the Dino Knight Rangers are officially classified as the 34th Power Rangers Team.
  • The Dino Knight Rangers inherit the following elements from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.
    • Both teams use one-handed swords as primary sidearms.
    • Both train & live in their habitats, while secluded from the outside world.
    • Both have their Knight-themed Ranger-like ally.
  • Dino Knight Gold is the only Dino Knight Ranger with a ranged weapon.
  • They are the first of rangers since the Lightspeed Rangers to have their identities known to the public.
    • They're also the first team in which their identities are known in one place (Rysaul) while kept secret in another (the four Core Rangers' hometown). 
  • The Dino Knight Rangers are similar to the Shinkengers, as they are the first legacy team where members outside the main heroes themselves are known & revealed. Also, they follow the generational tradition of the masters passing down their mantles (via swords) to their successors.
    • The major difference is that while all five of the Shinkengers changed per generation, one or more members of the Dino Knight Rangers were replaced through each passing generation, similar to that of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Turbo Rangers but in the past. 

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