Case File 34: The Bridge
1, Episode 34
Battle Magias
Benningtech's Lifesaver Militia Promotional Video
Air date November 8, 2019
Written by Kamenrider2011
Directed by Kamenrider2011
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The Bridge is the thirty-fourth episode of Power Rangers EDF and the Destiny Wars. It is the debut of Viro and Viru's Borg Forms and the Benningtech Lifesaver.


After a taxing press conference, the Rangers face a collapsing bridge caused by the Dark Androids.

Team Lineup: Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Silver


"How are the Rangers going to be held accountable? They've caused so much damage this year!"

"Who is funding the Power Rangers? How are they getting all of these weapons?"

"What even is EDF? Why should taxpayers pay for Ryan Royle's toys?"

Ashley tries to answer these questions as best as she can, but the questions keep coming, and coming. 

"Here they come!" 


Calvin, Ryan, Ayumi, Raiden, Will, and Julian all walk on to the Press Conference Stage as the Press snaps and takes pictures of the team.

"Man I hate this so much." Will says beneath his voice. 

"Do we really have to do this?" Raiden asks Calvin. 

"Of course. We have to be accountable for what we've been up to." Calvin responds. The camera flashes barley even faze Ryan any more, having to have done this so many times in the last year.

"Another day-" Ayumi starts.

"Another stupid Press Conference." Ryan responds. The questions bog down on the team fast and furiously. The EDF Project, the Dark Androids, and more. One question pierces the rangers armor.

"Your recent efforts to stop the Dark Androids have worked, but they come back stronger than before. More and more people are getting hurt, and more and more damage is happening because of you. Are you guys really the best team to trust?"

The team is struck. Viro watches from his base as one more reactor is whipped up. He smirks at the news. Viru walks in, damages repaired. Visibly angry after how Viro attacked him.


The follower's angry face looks at Viro.

"I see you've ffixed yourself." Viro says as he continues to watch the press conference. Viru ignores the comment.

"I apologize for striking you and putting you through that ordeal. Those are not the actions of a leader." 

The apology surprises Viru. "What?" He questions.

"I miscalculated the lesson I tried to teach you. I hope you can forgive me. Lets continue to work together. Because we need you." Viro ends his statement. Three of SNAKE's unused Reactors are finished. Viro hands Viru a Reactor for him to use personally. The follower grows a devilish grin. 

Andy is finally able to break through the Space Technology of the Golden Soldier. He's finally in. The cosmic qualities of his suit are about to be broken through. His long question of if the man is his father is about to be answered. But before he can break through, the EKGs spike up. The room begins to quake with a surge of electricity.

The golden soldier stands up. Frightened, Andy falls back into the conner due to the sheer force. The golden soldier turns back and sees him.

"Andy..." His faint voice whispers. He jumps out the window and flies off. 

"Aww, dangit!" Andy says. He morphs and begins to chase him down.

The rangers leave the press conference, exhauseted. 

"I NEVER want to do that EVER again." Julian's face spells ultimate fatigue. Calvin drives the team back to the base, as they talk about the press conference. Ryan is forlorn. His research efforts to deal with the problem of his coming death is not fruitful. Benningtech is about to secure the money for the EDF project. Things are not going well for Ryan. 

Calvin thinks about Eddie again. For some reason, Viro proves to retain control over him no matter the battle. The team drives down the road until they see a figure walking down the highway. 

"Hey, there's a street performer up ahead." Raiden points out. Calvin squints. "That's no performer...." 

It's Viru and Myron Leonard. 

"Get them." Viro orders. The two transform. Myron turns into Spike Man, as Viru transforms into a robotic form of his own. He begins to walk to the Ranger's car, as the team begins to morph, and shoots an EMP. At once, all 6 rangers' eyes turn red. Ryan's reactor turns red, as his voice turns to the same voice he hears in his nightmares. A memory starts to flash in his head: The cloaked figure hands Viro the remaing Reactors at the new base, with but one message.

"I am ready to be freed. Make sure the mole's weapon reaches the market. Everyone must have one for our plan to succeed. Everyone must have, a Lifesaver..." 

Viro responds. "Vira. Such is your will?"

"Yes. " The cloaked figure takes of it's hood, revealing the face of a Woman, phasing in and out as Ryan's face phases vice versa.

Calvin loses control of the car, causing him to veer off the highway bridge to their certain deaths. The team is able to break free and morph, making their escape just in time.



"Spike Man! Destroy the Freeway!" Viru commands as he jumps down to the Rangers. His new robotic, red form walks right through the Rangers as Spike Man destroys the Bridge and Freeway easily. Calvin morphs into Overload Mode, but Viru is too much to handle. 

"Finally gonna get one over you Red Ranger!" He says as he kicks away his shield. Raiden throws Calvin his reactor, and Calvin upgrades. The lightning strike he summons are able to put some separation between him and Viru.

Viru looks at Spike Man as he finishes his attack on the Freeway Bridge. Spike Man tosses Ryan right into an oncoming car, crashing him through. The driver, a father driving his daughter to her Softball game is unharmed.

"GO! GET OUT OF HERE!" Ryan yells as he jumps out to fight Spike Man. The Father goes to evacuate his daughter. Ryan fires at Spike Man, but he deflects the shot at the Father and Daughter.

"GRAAAAAAA!!!!!" They scream as they are strung about the road. The explosion is also enough to compromise the Bridge's integrity. It begins to break down. Ryan's face spells a horrified look as he races to save the two.

"Hmmph. That's enough! Spike Man! Let's return back!" The two make their escape. The Bridge however, is about to collapse. 600 yards of overpass is about to come crashing down on the citizens and drivers. 


The swaying engineering only begins to suffer under the weight of the cars and trucks. A piece falls off, trapping dozens of vehicles on it, with no escape. One pilar is extremely weak, and it'c collaps will mean the fall of the entire system

"What's the play?" Julian asks. 

"We have to save all those people first. Trapping them in Sub Space is just gonna cause the bridge to fall on them there. Ryan and Raiden, rescue the people on the bridge on top. Will, I want you to hold up that falling pilar. Julian, Ayumi, you guys and I will rescue the lower level. Lets hope the others will get here with the Zords! GO!" Calvin orders.

The team goes through with their tasks. The strain of the task and the burden on his consious from his failure to protect civilians puts pressure on Ryan, and his new reactor quickly gives out. He passes out and falls on the bridge.

"Ryan? RYAN?" Raiden calls out to him. His reactor pulses Red again. The Cloaked Figure speaks again through him.

"FREE ME! FREE ME! FREE ME!" Before it goes offline again, leavin Ryan slumped against the car 

Elsewhere, the Golden Soldier is chased down by Andy.

"Hey! I Just wanted to know! Who are you!?!" Andy calls out, to no answer.

But as he tries to catch up to the Golden Soldier, the Rainbow Bridge opens a portal. The two are caught dead in their tracks as a figure walks out.

It's Cosmos...

Viru and Spike Man return to Viro, having completed their objective. General chaos is their new modus operendi, but for what reason exactly? Viru brags away about the new reactors, approving its sheer power over the rangers. 

The civilians keep piling up, reaching more and more danger. There's nothing the team can do to assay the threat. The team regroup around Will, minus Ryan. Calvin questions where he is, with Raiden affiriming he couldn't find him. Will is now struggling to keep the bridge up. Even his strength is beggining to falter. Calvin realizes they may have to send the entire situation to Sub Space. Down Ryan, they can't save as many people with out him. Raiden jumps back to save him.  But to make the situation worse, Viro, Viru, and Spike Man return.

"VIRO!" The team is alert. He smirks at the team before brandishing his reactor, a blue to contrast Viru's red. The team is taken aback. Viru and Viro both morph into an evil Machine Duo, one Red, one Blue. Cogs and exposed machinery adorn their bodies. 

"Julian, Ayumi. Ready the Metamorpher." Calvin somberly orders. seeing as the Dark Androids are throwing the Kitchen Sink at the team, he realizes the predicament they are in. Fight them, and the bridge will collapse. Save the civilians, and let Viro run amuck.

"But Calvin!" Ayumi starts.

"More people are going to die if we don't shoot the whole scene down. We can't wait for Peter and Lara. We might be out of time! Wait for my call!" He then charges the Generals in his Overload Mode. Only to get wrecked. The weight of the Bridge bears down on Will even more, to the point that he's about to give in.

The Blue Ranger lays slowly losing control over his body to whatever is residing in his head. He crawls, and crawls, to no avail. He knows he's losing himself.

"R.I.C.H! Whats...wrong... with me...?!" He questions. Little does he know, R.I.C.H has been shut out of his suit. Just as he is about to fade away from his last breath,  Raiden finds him.

"His reactor is failing!" He declares. He then summons a lightning strike to supercharge the reactor, reviving him partially. However

Lara, Peter, and Aaron arrive with the Ultrazord and are able to take control of the falling bridge. Aaron uses the most bit of magic he's ever done to make the Bridge disappear. As Lara slows the momentum of the falling people, Peter is able to jump around and save them all.

Viro retreats after seeing the team collect together, declaring he's got what he wants once again. The team rushes Will and Ryan back to the hospital. 

"How is it doctor?" Ayumi asks.

"Will is going to be okay, but Ryan..."

"Ryan? What's the matter?" Raiden buts in.

"His bloodstream, it's been poisoned. His body is trying to fight it, but its failing."

At the same time, a new press conference plays on the TV. A press conference, for the Benningtech Lifesaver.

Bennington and Ray jointly introduce their newest toy. Viro and Viru watch as well.

"The recent failures of the Power Rangers EDF has shown everyone something: With the threat of the Dark Androids looming, only you can protect you and your family. The Power Rangers, while doing a good job saving the world, have failed to protect us personally." Bennington starts

"That is why, today we are launching the Benningtech Lifesaver." Alvin adds on. He holds up a mass release Reactor. Its gray in color, and a copy of the rangers. The press snaps pics in eager anticipation.

"This will bring the power of the Power Rangers to your hands. No longer do they have to be the only thing fighting the Dark Androids. Now, you can too! Today, we the people are taking the battle to THEM!" Ray pontificates. 5 different Benningtech Soldiers all walk out with the Lifesaver in hand.

"Observe. Benningtech Lifesavers! Transform!" Bennington calls out. The five transform and reveal the Lifesaver in action. Its power is equal to that of the Rangers, rendering Royle tech obselete. 

"With this, the Dark Androids will never roam our streets with a leg up on us. The next time they attack, we'll be ready. We don't need the Power Rangers anymore. The ball is in your court, Dark Androids!" Ray declares. 

Elsewhere, Viro watches. "Everything is going to plan..."

The press takes more and more pictures. Calvin and the rangers however, are worried...


  • The Benningtech Lifesaver
  • Spike Man
  • Viro and Viru Borg Forms 


  • Comics/Movie Counterpart:Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • Mission 44: A Boy And His Alien
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