Capoeira Sentai Burajiruman
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Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers Rainforest Crush
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Capoeira Sentai Burajiruman 


For centuries, a spirit of racism has been locked away and safely guarded by 5 people trained in the art of Brazilian dance battling, or Capoeira. But when the spirit escapes

Capoeira Sentai Burajirumen 

  • Red Burajiruman
  • Blue Burajiruman 
  • Yellow Burajiruman
  • Green Burajiruman
  • Pink Burajiruman 
  • Silver Burajiruman



  • ManoplaBands: The Team's Henshin device, armbands


  • Titanico Capoeira
    • CapoeiraOh
      • CapoeJaguar 
      • CapoeMonkey
      • CapoeAnteater
      • CapoeFrog 
      • CapoeScorpion
    • CapoeRider
      • CapoeBull

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  • Power Rangers Rainforest Crush: PR Counterpart. Generalizes the Capoeira theme.
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