C-Squad Power Rangers: SPD was a fanfiction season of the Power Rangers series created by Runwaygirl20. This was the first series to not take place in Riverside, California.


After being defeated by Hexica, the former Turbo Rangers Andy, Chris, Jon, and Anna leave for the year 2025 in search of their teammate Susie, who was captured. Elsewhere on the Cimmerian Planet, Omni elects Vexica to launch an attack on NewTech City. Susie Gold, now a former Pink Ranger, is still being held. As the villains enjoy a banquet, an unwelcome guest crashes the party -- a Red Power Ranger with an SPD logo. Dark Specter sends his chosen disciple Vexica to pursue and destroy him. the Red Ranger rescues Susie and the two escape.

As they retreats to the SPD base, the Red Ranger Sky Tate and his former teammates and his old commanding officer, Doggie Cruger prepare to battle Vexica. However, she captures Cruger and the others, leaving Sky and Bridge Carson to come up with a way to defeat her. Though Sky and Bridge rescue Susie's friends, Sky initially doesn't trust his new guests. When they fought the cro-bots,

During the series, there was an attraction between Bridge and Anna Thomas. However, Susie goes through a heartbreaking moment when she learns that her former teammate and former crush, Drew Hale is engaged to his Aquitarian girlfriend, putting her in a love triangle between Sky and Andy.



Color Role Actor
C-Squad Red Ranger Andy Holden Brandon Davis
C-Squad Blue Ranger Chris Henderson Ben Ziff
C-Squad Green Ranger Jon Phillips Jon Lee
C-Squad Pink Ranger Shelly Breckinridge Shiri Appleby
C-Squad Yellow Ranger Anna Thomas Kiely Williams
C-Squad Silver Ranger Helena Breckinridge Poppi Monroe
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