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The Brachio Gauntlet is the morpher of the Silver Brachio Ranger, Richie.


The Brachio Gauntlet was created by Zordon to serve as a controller for Titanus but proved too powerful to be used by Alpha. Zordon ordered Alpha to bury it in a back-up command center, and it remained there until Richie crashed into the command center on a hike. He put it on and managed to master it's power, summoning Titanus once more to fight evil. Richie later unlocked yet another level of power in the gauntlet, granting Titanus the power to transform into the mighty Silver Titanus. He used this power to destroy Blackheart's Warzord.


The Brachio Gauntlet's primary function is to transform it's wielder into the Silver Brachio Ranger, but it has several other powers as well. It can summon the user's weaponry to them and transport other's weaponry to them as well. The Brachio Gauntlet is also capable of activating the Dragonzord with a power infusion from another power coin and transforming Titanus into Silver Titanus.