Bow and Arrow
Power Rangers Shining Spirits, Episode 26
Tribute: Parker
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Bow and Arrow is the 26th episode of Power Rangers Shining Spirits. It features the debut of the Magnar Crystal, Magnar Bow, Phoenix Zord (dedicated to Villias), and Magnar Ranger.


The map pieces they found in Europe point to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin as the resting place of the most powerful Gaia Crystal, the Magnar Crystal. However, will Asheera get the power for herself?


Nether Star Clan

Gaia Crystals

Red: Fire Chaser (Morph, Zord)

Yellow: Digger (Morph, Zord)

Green: Lightning (Morph, Zord)

Blue: Afterburn (Morph, Zord)

Pink: Medichopper (Morph, Zord)

Silver: Mashin Drill (Morph only)

Crystal Count

  • In Logan's Possession: Fire Chaser, Dragstar, Phoenix
  • In Zack's Possession: Digger, Rigger, Steamroller, Forklift
  • In Callie's Possession: Lightning, Hornet, Wodan
  • In Itai's Possession: Afterburn, Orion, Sub Mako
  • In Sophia's Possession: Medichopper, S-Bahn Bullet
  • In Gai's Possession: Mashin Drill, Star Crystal, Hauler, Mixer
  • In Hudson's Possession: Blazing, Rescue, Taron
  • In Asheera's Possession: Cornwall Express


  • This episode's title comes from a song by Ruben and the Dark
  • The connection to the Bow and Arrow Morpher and Mt. Olympus might be the Greek God Apollo, or his sister Artemis.

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