Botou Sentai Spectronizer
Number 38
Number of episodes: 55
First episode: Behold! The Crime Fighting Trio
Last episode: The Final Path of Victory!
Intro: Botou Sentai Spectronizer/Theme Song
Adapted from:
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Author: Rowley1235
Production Order
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Jewel Sentai Diaranger

Botou Sentai Spectronizer is the 38th entry in the Super Sentai Series. This and its successors will air in America. This is a tribute to Choudenshi Bioman and also has homages to The Powerpuff Girls.


When Professor Takeru Uchiyama's failed lab monkey experiment explodes, making him lose his memory of what happened. Uchiyama's lab monkey grows intelligent and turns evil. With a blink of an eye, made an army of robots. Professor Uchiyama quickly grows fear and decides to create three superheroes using the ingredients of different sugars and spices. But there was one thing he needed to complete the experiment: Chemical X. Behold! The Crime fighting trio is born!


Designation Role
Spectro Red Dan Uchiyama
Spectro Green Blake Uchiyama
Spectro Blue Bella Uchiyama
Spectro White Takashi Hirose
Spectro Gold Sao Inoichi
Spectro Silver Sasuke Uchiyama


  • Professor Takeru Uchiyama
  • Robin Haley
  • Miss Bellum
  • Mr. M
  • Sedusa/Sakura Mifune
  • Princess
  • Fuzzy
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
  • Jewel Sentai Diaranger


  • The Grand Hall of Chaos
    • Mojo Jojo
    • HIM
    • King Amoeba
    • Fuzzy
    • Sedusa
    • Princess
    • The Gangreen Gang
    • Evil Spectronizer


Transformation Devices

  • Denzi Morpher
  • Rocket Morpher
  • Digi Morpher


  • Spectro Blaster/Sword Mode
  • Rocket Blaster/Sword Mode
  • Spectro Laser/Complete Mode

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • ​​Spectro Sword
  • Spectro Daggers
  • Spectro Lance
  • Asteroid Axe
  • Satellite Spear
  • Spectro Twin Blades
  • Jet Wings
  • Jet Blowers
  • Tank Gun
  • Engine Sword
  • Ultra Spectro Buster
    • Spectro Barricade
    • Rocket Headders
    • Super Spectro Blaster
      • Jet Wings
      • Jet Blowers
      • Tank Gun
      • Engine Sword
    • Spectro Laser


Spectro Vehicle System

  • Dai Spectro
    • Spectro Oh
      • Spectro Dai Oh
        • Spectro Robo
          • Spectro Jet
          • Spectro Speeder
          • Spectro Marine
        • Shuttle Robo
          • Spectro Shuttle
          • Spectro Voyager
        • Spectro Warrior
          • Spectro Rider
          • Spectro Flyer 1
          • Spectro Flyer 2
        • Super Spectro Robo
          • Spectro Winger
          • Spectro Tank
          • Spectro Boat


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