Blue StegoZord
Number: 3
Pilot: Blue Dino Charge Ranger
Length 38.4 m m
Width 14.6 m m
Height (Battle Mode) 21.5
(Normal) 19.5 m m
Weight 850 tons t
Speed 250 km/h
Power 300
Season Dino Charge

Zord #3 Blue StegoZord is a blue Stegosaurus that is normally hidden underground in the North Pole until summoned. Blue StegoZord became Blue Dino Charge Ranger's partner after Baron had defeated the Zord in combat. When Blue StegoZord enters its Battle Mode, a blade grows on its back. When Blue StegoZord substitutes an arm in any of Dino Charge Megazord, Ptera Megazord, or Plesio Megazord combination arms the robot with the Stego Shield.

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