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Starlina Starlina 28 May

Modern Day Supersonic, Squadron, Blitz, Lightning PR Rangers

Greetings Admin Starlina speaking! 

In the excitement of the Power Rangers' 30th Anniversary and the triumph return of the MegaForce Rangers. I decided that time is right to introduce to the Modern-day versions of the Squadron, Supersonic, Blitz, Lightning and Battalion Rangers that I established under the Power Rangers: The Next Generation universe banner.

These are the Battalion Rangers, members of the infantry mentored by their supervising General they battle against an evil crazed Domestic Terrorist and her henchmen.

The Supersonic Rangers are comprised of Five Modern Day Teens chosen by a Xybrian to take on the evil mastermind with a sinister plan to corrupt chaos on earth the feed the energy for the power of the NegaWorld associated with t…

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Blobpog Blobpog 11 April

shake a booty

legend of me

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DominicaLiva0 DominicaLiva0 27 March

Logos for My Series

Hello There i'm DominicaLiva0 I need help who good making Logos for My series. I want

  • Power Rangers Astro Globe
  • Power Rangers Bird Source
  • Power Rangers Wild Sacrivation
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Remisogan Remisogan 27 March


Hello Everyone I'm Remisogan. I need Good Artist who is good Photoshoping for My Sentai Series (Ryu Sentai Matozaiger):Theme Dragon and Dinosaurus

  1. Rangers (For Red Ranger: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Blue Ranger: Plesiosaurus, Yellow Ranger:Brachiosaurus, Green Ranger (lime):Triceratops, Pink Ranger:Pachycephalosaurus, Black Ranger: Spinosaurus).Also for Evil (Mix Ryusoulger-Pink Helmet and Kamen Rider Jeanne Costume)
  2. Arsenal (Dragon-Dino Based)
  3. Collectible Devices (Stamp Based)
  4. Each Weapons and Side-Arms
  5. Mecha (Each Dragon Dinosaurus)
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Wokenhardies Wokenhardies 21 March

What creatures to use as monsters in Power Rangers Cyberspace

so my fanseries Power Rangers Cyberspace is based on the Chinese toku series , which does not have traditional Monsters of the Week. As a result, I kind of want to steal some MOTWs from other PR series, as well as Kamen Rider. So which ones would fit better;

First option are the from Zenkaiger. They have a nice mechanical theme and can be easily modified to act as enemies to the rangers. The only problem is I do want to do an adaption of Zenkaiger eventually, so while their designs are cool, they may be off the table

Next option are the from Kyuranger. Unlike Zenkaiger, I'm not planning on doing a Kyuranger adaptation, however, while the monster design is cool, I'm planning on this series coming after my semi-original concept Shadow Force …

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Hibiki2005 Hibiki2005 23 February

A question for Power Rangers fans

What would a good motif be for a Power Rangers team

Do any of you have any ideas?

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Heitorfred1 Heitorfred1 17 February

Can I write my posts in other languages?

I wanted to know if I can write my posts in other languages that are not english, because I'm not fluent yet and I find it very annoying to keep using google translator all the time, and having to correct some words to Power Rangers' terms. I wanted to post in my own language (portuguese), but the brazillian fandom wikis are not as big nor as good as the english ones (at least as far as I used it).

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Adam cs Adam cs 21 November 2021

My Vision for Donbrothers

Attention PR Fanon users!

With possibly months, let alone weeks, to go until more info regarding Donbrothers, I've decided to drop a little experimenting how I envision the upcoming Sentai will be, not to be confused about the Sentai I plan to adapt next. NOTE: this is just an experimental blog. It's not official info.

  • 1 Characters
    • 1.1 Rangers
    • 1.2 Allies
    • 1.3 Villains
  • 2 Arsenal
    • 2.1 Transformation Devices
    • 2.2 Multi-Use Devices
    • 2.3 Sidearms
  • 3 Mecha

  • Grayfairs Bobby
  • Dobusaka Dogeki

  • Brother Changer

  • Avataro Gattai BrotherenOh
    • Don Fighter Beast
    • Don Fighter Oni
    • Don Fighter Shepherd
    • Don Fighter Pheasant
    • Don Fighter Monkey

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Hero232 Hero232 11 August 2021

Updates (Jikan Jigen Purotekutā Sentai and Movies and Kamen Rider and Other Series

So in my previous blog post the Kamen Rider series were announced.

  • 1 Order of Kamen Rider Series
  • 2 Canon Super Sentai Status
  • 3 Adaptations
  • 4 Other Series
    • 4.1 Romantikku Sentai Bureidā
    • 4.2 Misutikkuu Oriā Sentai

Rider Eco(1) Rider Bey Warriors(2) Kamen Rider International Force (3)

Kamen Rider Academy (TBD) Kamen Rider Fusion (TBD) Kamen Rider Ultra Generations (10)

So the Canon Super Sentai series along with the Canon Power Rangers take place in different universes. Still Canon!

I have my own Power Rangers series but if want to make a one go ahead but ask first.😊

Involves more than two teams!

Still working on it!

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ItzTrypher ItzTrypher 5 August 2021

Trypher Sentai Updates

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Hero232 Hero232 19 July 2021

Jikan Jigen Purotekutā Sentai Movies

So on the Jikan Jigen Purotekutā Sentai page it says that there is an untitled Kamen Rider crossover film.The Kamen Rider series hasn't been made yet


  • Kamen Rider International Force (仮面ライダー:インターナショナルフォース 'Kamen raidā: Intānashonarufōsu)
  • Kamen Rider Bey Warriors (仮面ライダー:ベイウォリアーズ)
  • Kamen Rider Eco (仮面ライダー:エコ)

The Power Rangers counterpart will also crossover with Power Rider

So when the Series made is made the movie title will be revealed

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Hero232 Hero232 27 June 2021

Note about My Series

With my series the finale of one and the premiere of the next are on the same day.

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Reynoman Reynoman 27 June 2021

Legendary Rangers for Hexagon

Hey guys! As you may or may not have guessed, I have predicted that Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger would be the 30th anniversary season for Power Rangers, with Power Rangers Hexagon.

For the Legendary Rangers, I have decided to focus on the Lupin Collection ("Power Relics" in Hexagon) & picked which piece is closely affiliated with each Ranger, if you know what I mean.

Here's what I came up with...

Now I just need to divide them all into two factions: Pro-Usage & Anti-Usage. Think you guys can help me out?

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XonarDX XonarDX 24 June 2021

Extra Colors

More colors you can use throughout the wiki. (This will be updated randomly)

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Wikidude135 Wikidude135 20 June 2021

Possible Gokai Changes for 10 Years After

Gokai Red: Zyuoh Eagle, Shishi Red, Sasori Orange, Lupin Red, Patren 1gou, Ryusoul Red, Kiramai Red

Gokai Blue: Zyuoh Shark, Ookami Blue, Koguma Skyblue, Lupin Blue, Ryusoul Blue, Kiramai Blue

Gokai Yellow: Zyuoh Lion, Kajiki Yellow, Tenbin Gold, Lupin Yellow, Ryusoul Black, Kiramai Yellow

Gokai Green: Zyuoh Elephant, Chameleon Green, Hebitsukai Silver, Patren 2gou, Ryusoul Green, Kiramai Green

Gokai Pink: Zyuoh Tiger, Oushi Black, Washi Pink, Patren 3gou, Ryusoul Pink, Kiramai Pink

Gokai Silver: Zyuoh The World, Ryu Commander, Houou Soldier, Lupin X, Patren X, Ryusoul Gold, Kiramai Silver

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Emmanuel Mtz. Madera Emmanuel Mtz. Madera 10 June 2021

Power Rangers: Sparkling Machines Teaser Trailer

  • Narrator: "After the Battle. The Space Rangers, attack by United Alliance of Evil"
  • (checking for gemstones)
  • T.J. Johnson: "What"
  • Carlos Vallerte: "This Gemstone"
  • Cassie Chan: "Wow"
  • Ashley Hammond: "Look for this"
  • (J.J. Oliver is angry checking for gemstones)
  • J.J. Oliver: "Hey, don't look Gemstones"
  • T.J. Johnson: "Checking for Gemstones"
  • J.J. Oliver: "Ready"
  • J.J. Oliver: "It's Morphin Time"
  • (continues the fight)
  • T.J. Johnson: "Let's Attack"
  • J.J. Oliver: "Okay!"
  • Power Rangers: Sparkling Machines (title name)
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Mrizidis Mrizidis 10 June 2021

Power Rangers Daring Beast-Men movie

So, i've been thinking of making a movie for Power Rangers Daring Beast-Men

I have a few ideas for it floating around in my head, i'll maybe have it rated G or PG, not sure which rating suits best yet

The synopsis is still on hold up as i'm still trying to figure out what it will be

I'll keep thinking and work on the page of the movie for the fandom sooner or later

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TokuGeek1983 TokuGeek1983 5 June 2021

First Blog

Been trying to focus and finish proofreading the tenth episode of Power Rangers Fossil Surge. But I keep getting distracted. Currently at the part where Gold fights Valentina & Ragz. Have also been trying to think up names for the villains of my Power Rangers Buccaneer Fleet and trying to figure out what kind of villains will my twelfth original team fight. Keep getting distracted. And, most importantly, this past Thursday was my birthday!!!!!

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Moony192 Moony192 2 June 2021


IIIIIIIIIII’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And to celebrate, I’m revealing a couple of names for my upcoming Super Sentai Rebooted / Power Rangers Rebooted series’s!

  • Uchugami Sentai Hoshiranger / Power Rangers Star World
  • Tokeijiku Sentai Jikanranger / Power Rangers Time Storm
  • Sakumote Sentai Hikariranger / Power Rangers Lighting Squad
  • Tengoku Sentai Tsubasaranger / Power Rangers Angel Light
  • Sekaitekini Sentai Ketaranger / Power Rangers Code Capturers
  • Kyukyoku Sekaitekini Sentai Ketaranger / Power Rangers Mega Code Capturers
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Reynoman Reynoman 30 May 2021

My Sentai Concepts

Hey guys! So, here's a list of ideas for Super Sentai that I created thanks to this pretty cool concept generator I found some time ago. Now I just need help with the names. Think you guys can help?

See Part 2

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AnimeLover569 AnimeLover569 20 April 2021

Super Sentai & Power Rangers

Hi, this is just a warning to future content creators and I highly apologise if my rent blogs are getting annoying, but I think I need to say this. Recently I once found that my Sentai, Rescue Sentai Wildranger was taken without my permission for a power rangers adaptation, even going to badly change Hayato/Wild Green to female and by badly I mean that the shades of green on the tights, skirt and boots was swapped which made the female Wild Green they made stand out of place. I understand that female green rangers are popular, and in the official series Izzy, from Dino Fury, is a female ranger has a male counterpart with Towa from Ryuusoulger but when I made Rescue Sentai Wildranger, I just wanted them to be a team where there is one femal…

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RangerMomento RangerMomento 5 April 2021

Robo Force Go!

Y'know, i'm feeling great today because I've got a lot of stuff to do today if Twokaizer gets revealed soon. So i'll update as soon as possible.

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TerraDX TerraDX 24 February 2021

Legacy Fanon Restoration Project

Hello all! I am proud to announce that i am officially reviving the Legacy Fanon Restoration Project, in honor of its original owner XonarDX leaving the wiki. Every now and then, I plan on adding one or two series pages to the project, although the rate at which I add them is currently unknown. If you ever come across any series pages from before 2018, let me know by telling me in the comment section below. I want the series pages to be at least three years old. That is all for now, and have a good night!

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XonarDX XonarDX 23 February 2021

Official Bye Message


I have been gone from the wiki for a while and just wanted to officially say bye. I may be on a site called "Lost Media Wiki" but im not sure. Anyways I don't plan on coming back to the wiki anytime soon, and will focus on other ventures like architecture that I would like to pursue. If your aggravated that I have waited this long to say this, I am sorry, but I'm saying it now. As a few last wishes to you all, I would like the admins to (or atleast Terra) to continue LFRP, or atleast restore/preserver Pokemon Tamer. I will miss you all but hope that this wiki will continue to prosper. Anyways, bye Terra, Red, Star, Xojin, MP6, Gokai, and who ever else I missed.

Goodbye, and goodnight 🌚.

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TerraDX TerraDX 20 February 2021

my return

did you miss me? ;)

okay guys, let me make this short and sweet. i'm back, and i probably won't be gone for a while however, my edits might be a bit more infrequent, compared to how they used to be. i plan on making a return season soon, just give me a bit of time and it should be up for you guys to check out.

now, you may be wondering, why did i leave in the first place? well, basically - i destroyed the motherboard to my chromebook, rendering it pretty much useless, unless i decide to replace the motherboard.that, combined with how much stress i get from trying to get by in school, hasn't really been a good combination. i've been active over on the wiki's discord, so you can probably just find me hanging out over there. if you need anythin…

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SonicTennyson SonicTennyson 15 February 2021

How i discovered Power Rangers

It was 2011,i was watching Nickelodeon as a usual boy in 2011 and there was a new series premiere,it was The Team Unites from Power Rangers Samurai (The Team Unites was released before Origins) I was confused,what in the world was a Power Rangers and why are people in colored coded costumes were fighting monsters? But i wanted to find out,so i watched the show,and i got HOOKED,i went on google and looked up Power Rangers and discovered all the shows,this was back when Netflix was a rental service,but years later i got Netflix and i watched the Power Rangers seasons,then i found out about this fanon wiki,and the rest is history. (i also watched the 2017 movie in cinemas)

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Gokai-Volt Gokai-Volt 10 February 2021

Radiant Spirits Rebrand

Hello all,

This is a update to let you know that I have rebranded Power Rangers Radiant Spirits into Power Rangers Crystalizers. I'll be updating the pages to match the new series as soon as I can (such as updating names and link to the new pages) so if there is anything from the old version, Radiant Spirits, still on the pages, please note these will be updated/changed as soon as possible.

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ZZAZoey ZZAZoey 1 February 2021

Hero Sentai Gameranger!

Yo! This will mainly be a page for me to put all of the main articles for my first original Super Sentai series, Hero Sentai Gameranger!

- Episodes=

  1. Level.1: Amidst the Forbidden Vessel.


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Bili15Morpher Bili15Morpher 23 January 2021

"Time Force 20 Years After": A fanfic project

After losing all the wealth, Mr. A. Collins (Wes's father) commits suicide and Wes becomes a beggar. One night, a ship carrying the Time Force Rangers (Jen, Lucas, Trip, Katie and Alex), appeared in the sky and lands on Earth, where it locates Nadine [Ransik's granddaughter/ Lucas & Nadira's daughter] in which it is taking to the underworld, all have been frozen in capsules and Wes sneaks into the ship. And when they get there, Wes frees the Rangers and gives them the chrono-morphers of time, however, Alex dies and Wes returns to morph in the Time Red Ranger and fights against Nadine's soldiers. Lucas is sad to see that his half-human daughter, became a murderer like his mother. Nadine fights against her own father, believing that it was he w…

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Adam cs Adam cs 4 January 2021

Characters and Episode writers needed for "Power Rangers Discovery"

Attention PR Fanon users!

I'm currently developing the 30th and 31st Power Rangers seasons, Power Rangers Discovery, an adaptation of 2016's Sentai series Zyuohger. Whilst I've sorted out the Plot, Character Names (Rangers and Villains alike), Arsenal and Zords, I need some help regarding the character bios and episode names and plots (besides the first episode and the finale). Characters-wise, I may drop some slight hints to their characters as time goes on.

So, if you're looking forward to helping out to this new idea of mine, please leave a comment below regarding ideas you may have.

In the meantime, Thank You and Happy New Year!

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BlitzMS19 BlitzMS19 3 January 2021


I really think we could use a Episodes/transcripts page for all the series that are on this wiki . So if you decide to bring the series to life on like on Youtube or something the actors could have the script and read their lines and do what ever they need to do.

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 23 December 2020

Art Designers Wanted for "Kishi Sentai Avalonger"

Attention Power Rangers Fanon members!

Today, I have developed the 46th season that should go for the Super Sentai series, Kishi Sentai Avalonger. Now, I am looking for artists for the arsenal, the mecha, the allies, and the villains, but leave the Rangers and Merlin for me - I can draw these characters myself.

So, if you're looking forward to contribute to this new page of mine, please leave a comment below regarding your volunteer.

Thank you and merry christmas!

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Wahyu iranda Wahyu iranda 23 December 2020

Power Ranger Dino Sword

  • 1 Number of Episode  48
  • 2 First Episode :  Ep 01 . Kesatria Legendaris Dino Brave
  • 3 Last Episode :  Ep 48 . Pertarungan Terakhir Dino Brave
  • 4 Intro : Power Ranger Dino Sword Let’s Go
  • 5 Adapted Form : Power Ranger Dino Force Brave
  • 6 Original airing: 3002
  • 7 Author : Wahyu Iranda
  • 8 Story

mber of Episode 48

First Episode : Ep 01 . Kesatria Legendaris Dino


Last Episode :  Ep 48 . Pertarungan Terakhir Dino


Intro : Power Ranger Dino Sword Let’s Go

Adapted Form :

Original airing: 3002

Author :

Bercerita Tentang Pertarungan Antara Suku RyuKen Dan Ras Alien Bernama D-Emote , Yang Mana Di Menangkan Oleh Para Manusia , Setelah 15 Tahun Berlalu Para D-Emote Kembali , Tapi Hanya Satu Tim Yang Bisa Mengalahkannya Mereka Adalah Power Ranger D…

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Reynoman Reynoman 20 December 2020

Episodes for Reflections

Alright, so here's how I came up with the episodes for my fanfic series Reflections: A Power Ranger's Story. I used this site called "Superhero Storyline Generator" to help me come up with the episodes. Comes in real handy.

Anyway, here's a list of how many episodes I got so far. I added six more just because.

For the third series, I'm thinking about doing the arc with the Powers Avengers fighting Simon von Scythe, but I also have an idea of Typhos meeting Blue Rangers from alternate dimensions (kind of like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). Which would you like to see first?

  1. Should General Slaystar die in Episode 5?[strawpoll.online/Poll/3552]
  2. Which Team-Up would you like to see in Episode 10?[2]
  3. Which Story Arc would you like to see in "Refle…

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Bili15Morpher Bili15Morpher 17 December 2020

Power Rangers Morph Masters (Zenkaiger) Project

Based on the possible commemorative concept of 45 years of Super Sentai with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It is a fan-season of the Power Rangers franchise that will take place in 2023.

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 10 December 2020

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Babysitter Syndrome

Attention Power Rangers Fanon members!

Today, I have developed a graphic comic novel based upon the television show, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and adapted from the twelfth episode of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, Babysitter Syndrome.

Here is a link to this page. Take a look!

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Babysitter Syndrome | Power Rangers Fanon Wiki | Fandom

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 7 December 2020

Announcing "Power Rangers: The Animated Series"!

Attention Power Rangers Fanon members!

At this very moment, I am hereby announcing the reboot series of "Power Rangers" in an animated way for the franchise's upcoming 30th anniversary celebration! If you're willing to join me on my newest project, please leave a comment below regarding your request, because I'm starting the project right now!

Here is a link to this page below!

Power Rangers: The Animated Series

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TheMarkOfKurt TheMarkOfKurt 5 December 2020

Chapter 13 Finale Synopsis

With the Spear of Destiny completed, Hunter & Kurt go in an all out war against Damien and Lucifer in the epic finale of Chapter 13! The Ranger-duo makes a last stand against Hell's father/son duo as they battle it out. But tragedy and suffering will strike upon the Ranger-duo as Damien's powers will yet again be proven to outmatch the Rangers as Damien intends to unleash more than just Hell on Earth. Meanwhile, a very unexpected ally will be in the Ranger's favor during their final confrontation against The Antichrist before bringing upon Earth's imminent destruction.

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AnimeLover569 AnimeLover569 1 December 2020

The current software update is hard

This is just a vent I need to get off my chest. The new software update is difficult when I’m doing edits. Sometimes the page bounces and I end up making mistakes because it’s not responding and continues to bounce when I type and in the past I always click preview to see what needs changing before clicking submit but now I can’t. It’s really annoying

I don’t think anyone can help so I’m not asking for help, I just needed to rage, I really don’t like the new software update, I preferred the original

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AnimeLover569 AnimeLover569 28 October 2020

The “ Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls” category is unnecessary

I found that four of my ranger pages Johnathan Jones, Liam Jones, Rukio and Shinjiro Inukai have an unnecessary category called “page’s using duplicate arguments in template calls” and I can’t get them off that category, please help me it’s annoying me. Repeating words for adding the family and making the templates isn’t duplication. I hate this. I’m getting mad at this unnecessary category and it’s only effecting me! Why only me?

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Thantosiet Thantosiet 20 October 2020

An album of images I'd like removed

I've been attempting to clear out most of my old content on this wiki because I don't like leaving loose ends, and probably the most complicated part of that has been my art. The reason I care about this is that in my experience, art is the most likely thing to get stolen and used without credit, and it doesn't even have to be very good for that to happen. So I'm putting all of the images I'd like removed here in a gallery for easy access. Not all of these were created by me, but I'm responsible for their pages. If you're wondering why there are two pics from If The Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech Device, my plan B to get these images off the wiki is simply to replace them all with that picture.

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Reynoman Reynoman 14 October 2020

TQG Episodes

Hey guys! I know this may have been a long time, but I'm trying to figure out the episodes for Power Rangers TQG & Hyper TQG. Care to help?

These episodes have names &/or story plots but are yet unnumbered at this point.

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Lord Gaim Lord Gaim 23 September 2020

I did this to get a badge

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RB-Man RB-Man 10 September 2020


  • 1 Update 1
  • 2 Update 2
    • 2.1 Upcoming Super Sentai Series
    • 2.2 Is Power Rangers Thunder Star cancelled?
    • 2.3 Regarding Denchiju Sentai Beastman
    • 2.4 Series on Hiatus
    • 2.5 End of Update
  • 3 Update 3
    • 3.1 New information for Kyojin Sentai Hyperranger
    • 3.2 Gensou Sentai Mirageman Revealed
    • 3.3 End of Update
  • 4 Update 4
    • 4.1 Introducing Kamen Rider Shinsei
    • 4.2 Beastman and Beast Charge Negotiation
    • 4.3 New information about Gensou Sentai Mirageman
    • 4.4 What's next for Yurei Sentai Gakiranger?
    • 4.5 End of Update
  • 5 Update 5
    • 5.1 The Future of Denchiju Sentai Beastman Revealed
    • 5.2 Power Rangers Hyper Force (Redone Series) Updates
    • 5.3 Future of Kishi Sentai Tokuranger and Power Rangers Knight Storm
    • 5.4 What's Next for Arcade Sentai Shouburanger
    • 5.5 Power Rangers Magical Squad Updates
    • 5.6 End of update
  • 6 Update 6
    • 6…
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Winner95 Winner95 4 September 2020

Mauro Roberts personality’s

Mauro Robert is a cousin of Andy unlike Andy who is Forgiving and positivity Mauro was grow up in dysfunctional rich family since that day he was rude and snarky but a heart of team he don't like the team separate like his parent did so he was a heart of team

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Zellaus Zellaus 2 September 2020

The tale of my fan made power rangers I’ve made

So really only wanted to make this blog post cause I wanted to talk about some of the power ranger fan series's I've made in my time of doing that. The first one I ever made was something called power rangers Viking soul, which I think I thought of back in 2018. It was neat to say the least. The second one I made was in 2019, and it was more of a mixture between super Sentai and power rangers. Being that it had two names god force and Kamanger. Like I said. It was a mix. The characters seemed more like power ranger characters. But I called them Kamanger more. And now in 2020. Haven't really done anything power rangers or super Sentai related. I was more or less on some days been thinking up a Kamen rider series based around Arthurian legen…

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EmiChannel EmiChannel 23 August 2020

Gender-Swap Rangers

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MP6 MP6 15 August 2020

Regarding using logos.

Due to someone uploading logos without my permission, I made an announcement that before anyone using one of my logos, they must ask permission.

It can be on the comments of this blog post or my message wall.

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KST7nipun KST7nipun 11 August 2020

Adding image

I have a question regarding the rules of adding images. I am currently working on my first fanfic series Power Rangers Cyborg Police and want add some images of characters, zords etc. from the real power rangers franchise to my own characters, zords etc. For example I have created a zord called Cyborg Lion and I want to add the image of Lion galactabeast of Lost Galaxy.

So as I am not the owner of that image, will I still be allowed to add that image on my page? If yes, then will my series also be allowed to be nominated in Series of the month & Series of the year?

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NotaBarrierISwear NotaBarrierISwear 5 August 2020

Episode Page Layout

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Major Events
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Trivia

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