Black ParasZord
Number: 2
Pilot: Black Dino Charge Ranger
Length 43.5 m m
Width 15.0 m m
Height 25.3 m m
Weight 700 tons t
Speed 300 km/h
Season Dino Charge

Zord #2 Black ParasZord is a black Parasaurolophus that is normally hidden near an old castle in Europe until summoned. Black ParasZord became Black Dino Charge's partner after Dan had defeated the Zord in combat. When Black ParasZord enters its Battle Mode, its tail becomes a rifle. When Black ParasZord substitutes an arm in any of Dino Charge Megazord, Ptera Megazord, or Plesio Megazord combination arms the robot with the Paras Blaster. A combination in tandem with Green RaptorZord results in a "Sheriff" combination.

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