These are the Bio OverTech Rangers from Power Rangers Bio OverTech . Powered by the new energy resource, Fusion Cells, they fight off the Hazardous Fuzors.


Reese Williams: The Red Ranger, Reese is the calm, cool, and colected Captain of the team. He has been trained by his military family to become a great soldier. Behind his fearless demeanor though, he's a scared man. 

Jimmy Tran: The Blue Ranger, Jimmy is the quiet thinker of the team. He works as a psycologist for F.E.C.A. He's strange, but his creative mind cracks all strange issues the ranger find themselves in.

Taylor Lopez: The Yellow RangerTaylor is the engineer of the team, and is on the squad that builds and repairs the zords. She's excitable, loud, erratic, and extremely friendly. 

Baker Morris: The Green Ranger, Baker once was in the millitary with Russell Williams. He left to be a truck driver for Overtech Fuse Central. He's a charming and happy-go-lucky guy with a lotta luck and a whole life to explore.

Rosa Tahan: The Pink Ranger, Rosa is a Child Prodigy. At 14, she got her Doctorate. At only 18, she's created the Fusion Cells, and effectively saved the world. Despite these accomplishments, she has no confidence in herself.