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William "Billy" Kent Thunderman
Billy-Diego Velazquez
Gender: Male
Season(s): The Thundermans, Power Rangers GSA, Galaxy Squad
Colors: Green, Black
Homeworld: Earth (Hiddenville)
First Appearance: Adventures in Supersitting
Last Appearance: Power Rangers Revelation
Number of Episode
103 (Thundermans)


35 (Galaxy Squad) 1 Movie

2 (Hexagon) 1 (comic) 2 (LM)

Actor: Diego Valezquez
Danger Green
Oushi Black
Galaxy Squad Black

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Billy Thunderman is the youngest son in the Thunderman family. He was born with the ability of super seed. He is often bugged by Nora, but they learn to work together, like any good ranger team.

He is portrayed by Diego Velazquez.

Character History

Danger Thunder

Alongside Max, Henry, Ray, and Nora, he became a one off ranger as Danger Green via a special type of bubble gum. He goes off with his siblings to find their Ohman stones shortly after meeting Captain Marisol.

Galaxy Squad

Ironic for a guy known for agility, Billy becomes the Tauren Galaxy Ranger. It is also a coincidence that another of his siblings, Phoebe, is also a Black ranger, albeit a snake motif like Nora. He and his siblings (and the other rangers) often faced her, but Eustus MacAlister's revival helped them gain an edge. However, his sister had devised a plan to free Dark Mayhem and Destructo. The Thunderman's and Henry ultimately faced Dark Mayhem, who took their powers. Now a mortal, Billy decides to go to law school.


However, Dark Mayhem had not completely destroyed their powers, so he joined his siblings and the rest of the Galaxy Squad Rangers in getting them back.

Literary Morphers Edit

Phoebe, Max, Nora, Billy, and Chloe avenged their father's death at the hands of White Rhino Sentries and returned to assist the rangers, riders, and troopers as the T-Force (thus, not counted into the 199 heroes).


Billy stands out from the rest of the Thundermans family in that he is down-to-earth, sweet, polite, friendly, nice and kind to people. Billy is very dim-witted, but he is always cheerful and optimistic. While his siblings are manipulative and competitive, Billy tries to help them and agree to their plans. Phoebe, Max and Nora often take advantage of his sweetness to make him do things for them. Billy has a hard time keeping secrets and ends up exposing them accidentally, most of the time.


Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Speed: Billy has shown the ability to move at unreal speeds with ease. Although he is capable of generating a force along with him that he can use for various effects, he has not been able to control it and really doesn’t know about it.
    • Cyclone Spinning: Billy is capable generating cyclones by just superspeeding in circles at extremely fast speeds. This can be used as a vacuum or for a fan-like effect, allowing him to suck up small objects and repel other objects with ease.
  • True Sight: Billy has the power to see and hear ghosts.
  • Heat Resistance: The Bull Stone bonded with him and allows him to function normally under extremes
  • Super Strength: The Bull Stone also increased his strength, one of his father's powers



Danger Green

  • Thunder Boomarang
Appearances: Ally 36+37

Galaxy Squad Black/Tauren Ranger

Galaxy Squad Black

  • Bull Stone
  • Bull Zord 5
  • Galaxy Morpher
    • Axe mode
    • Bull Hammer (Hexagon)
  • Bull Zord (Galaxy Squad)


  • All-Star Crash: performs a powerful blast attack with the Galaxy Morpher alongside the other rangers.
    • Forever 21 in One: An upgraded version of the finisher with the Hexagon, Phantom, and Legendary Rangers
    • Thunderhood Strike: An alternate version of the finisher with just his siblings
      • Tuned to Danger Impact: An alternate version of the above with Henry Hart and his siblings
  • Tauren Impact: performs a powerful boomerang attack with the Axe attachment.

Appearances: Space 1-8, 11-13, 15, 18+19, 22-24, 27+28, 31, 34+35, Revelation, Hexagon 21+22

Appearances (Power Rangers)


Power Rangers Danger Thunder

Space 1-The Day the Earth Fell

Space 2-Legacy of Thunder

Space 3-The Real Danger

Space 4-Eyes Like Venom

Space 5-The Secrets of the Denshi

Space 6-Back to What was

Cousins of Darkness

Space 9-The Sound of Trampling Warriors

Legacy of the Crown

Space 12-Fourteen Ultimate All-stars

Space 13-The Stone to Rule Them All

Space 14-Tick-Tock

Space 15-Fall of the Bounty Hunter

Space 16-Siblings at odds

Space 17-Orion, the Christmas Ranger

Space 18-Power Rangers Sun and Moon

16 of Prophecy

Space 21-A Soldier Rises from the Ashes

Follow me up to Loch

Space 24-Life of the Outlaw

Queer and Thunder

Space 27-Secret of an Icon

Space 28-Tycho's Tail Spin

Space 29-When We Were Young

Space 30-The Metallic Mad-eye

Space 31-The VR Trooper and the Maid

Fall of the Metallic Assassin

Struck in Time

Power Rangers: Revelation

And Back to the Thunder

Sixteen and Seven, Forever 21


  • His Kyuranger counterpart, Champ, is a mechanical Bull
    • Champ wears his jacket like a matador's cape
  • First season with two Black Rangers, as well as the first time siblings wear the same color at the same time
    • Eliza wears yellow before Ashton
  • He is one of 4 members who forms the comedic relief on the team
  • He is the only Thunderman with predecessors of multiple colors Ranger counterparts (Tommy-MMPR & Dino Thunder, Carlos-Turbo+In Space, and Jake-Megaforce)
    • In an early version of Space 1, it involved the Thunderman's going to KO-35, where Carlos' Black Ranger powers came from
  • First Ranger to share the name of one from the original MMPR team, Billy Cranston, and his Wild West counterpart William

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