Battle Sentai Advanger
Number ?
Number of episodes: 19
First episode: Ep 1:Scan new hero
Last episode: Farewell! My Unlimited Friends
Intro: Battle Sentai Advanger/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Raihan 991
Production Order
[[Tetsujin sentai gozeroger]]


Space robot named Robo taiga and its partners gamers looking for the missing 5 advan cards on the planet earth   4 cards in the modern era 4 cards was found by 4 people in different places and 1 card is in the hands of Dragone fleet which he gave to his lieutenants named fang



three modern ranger

Advan Red        Kenji sakurai
Advan Green Akira hoshi
Advan Pink Yuki Hoshi
Advan Blue Fang
Advan Yellow Parker
Advan Knight Robotaiga ► Masamune
Advan Navy Dan
Advan Cyan Ken
Advan Violet Satoyama
Advan Black Kenji ► ... ► Shinji
Advan Silver kousuke hoshi







Robo taiga

kousuke hoshi

shinji (later to be villain)

Tokumei sentai gobuster

red buster sakurada hiromu sakurada
blue buster iwasaki ryuji iwasaki

yellow buster

usami yoko usami
beet buster jin masato jin
stag buster j stag beet j stag

Tensou sentai goseiger

gosei red alata
gosei pink eri
gosei black agri


gosei blue hyde
knight gosei knight TBA

Kamen rider VX

 vx gunner Raihan Anantya
vx slasher Amenagakure kito Amenagakure
 vx lancer Gary 



Fang (later to be hero)

Dan (later to be hero)


Advan black

spider red



ADVAN changer

ADV calibur

Main weapon

Land gun

Wing gun

Drag sword

wolf gun

croc claw

eagle arrow

crow ax

tiger dagger

mantis dagger


Cho adv robo

Adv robo

  • Crow shot (yuki/advan pink)
  • shark bite (ken/advan cyan)
  • snake break (satoyama/advan violet)


  • tiger claw
  • lion wild


Ep 1:Scan new hero: robo taiga and gamer must find advan card but they attacked by Dragbot  in modern era cards founded by 3 people they must to be advanger 

Ep 2:what?european hero :in england racer named parker at racing he attacked by Dragbot but he change to be advan yellow

Ep 3:slash!it going wild battle :4 advanger  attacked by unkown shadow kenji possesed by that shadow andd to be advan black but parker make him back to be advan red

ep 4:Danger!Dragone has a hero:in dragon base Dragone give 1 advan card for his liutenants called fang he change to be advan blue for mission attack advanger

ep 5:Great!gather five heroes: advanger shock after  see advan blue kenji ask him if kenji want to be friend but advan blue attack kenji but after all they to be friends dragone think fang betrayed him

ep 6:Fight!six heroes

ep 7:Friend!fang best friend 

ep 8:combine!cho ADV robo

ep 9:What?fishing hero

ep 10:foward!hero war rider Vs sentai

ep 11:come!my snake friend

ep 12:now!i will defend your heart

ep 13:what? kenji best friend

ep 14:unlucky!my holiday destroyed

ep 15:what the?another hero

ep 16:oh my?where my car

ep 17:on stage!magic time

The movie BATTLE SENTAI ADVANGER :the music war

ep 18:your buddy!buster ready fight 

ep 19:farewell:my unlimited friends

wait seasons 2

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