Battle Orion Megazord
USK-Orion Battler
Zords Orion StarZord
Orion Battler
Length 40.6 m
Width 41.5 m
Height 63.6 m
Weight 7,500 t
Speed 500 km/h
Power 65,000,000
"Battle Orion Megazord!"
—Combination Announcement[src]

The Battle Orion Megazord is the combination of the Orion StarZord and Orion Battler.


Though it is usually piloted by Leo Red Orion, it also possesses some level of sentience, as it embodies the spirit of the legendary warrior Orion. As such, it is able to move and fight on its own at times, though just like the original SS Explorer spaceship, it only calls out "Orion!".

Its finishing move is the Orion Dynamic Strike where the Battle Orion Megazord sends a huge energy blast in the shape of the Orion Orb at the enemy.


The Orion Battler was planned by Orion to be the ultimate weapon against the Neo Alliance, but nothing was heard of its original fate.

After the β-Squad Rangers changed history, Ryu Draco took over Orion's role after his death, spreading the legend of the β-Squad Rangers. Among his so-called adventures, he came across the Orion Battler, and oversaw the completion of it, after hearing that Darcon had somehow survived again. Despite its completion, the Orion Orb required to activate the ship could not be found, thus it was buried underground, beneath Orion's grave. Torick, who was in the past as well, put Ryu into cold sleep within the ship, before heading out to look for Dr. Anton himself.

In the present, the β-Squad Rangers found the ship and reawakened Ryu. Unfortunately, General Goruga came across the ship's location as well, no thanks to Balan blurting out the existence of the ship due to his personality being twisted by Tobender. With his unwavering courage, Takeo was able to reawaken Orion's spirit, which formed the Orion Orb to summon the Orion StarZord and activate the ship. Later, Takeo, as Leo Red Orion, piloted the transformed Battle Orion Megazord and defeated Magera.

Battle Orion Megazord Components

Orion StarZord

Orion StarZord
USK-Orion Voyager
Number: 13
Pilot: Shishi Red Orion
Length 41.3 m
Width 16.2 m
Height 14.6 m
Weight 500 t
Speed Mach 1.3
Power 5,000,000
Season Power Rangers Space Patrol

The Orion StarZord is Leo Red Orion's second personal Voyager Zord. It is summoned via the Orion Orb. It can fire blasts from the star emblem at the front, though it is usually docked at the top of the Orion Battler when not in use.

During the combination, the Zord forms the right arm and club of the Battle Orion Megazord.

Orion Battler

Orion Battler
USK-Battle Orion Ship
Carries: Voyager Zords
Pilot/Summoner: Leo Red Orion
DECA 283
Season: Power Rangers Space Patrol
Length: 86.9 m
Width: 48.5 m
Height: 40.6 m
Weight: 7,500 t
Speed: (in atmosphere): 999 km/h
(on land): 400 km/h

"It's Scramble Time!"
—Voyager Zord loading announcement[src]

"Take off!"
—Voyager Zord launching announcement[src]

The Orion Battler is the successor to the SS Explorer spaceship, bearing an identical cockpit and being able to house the other Voyager Zords within. Unlike the original Explorer spaceship, the Orion Battler now has advanced weapon capabilities, such as the Orion Missiles, making it a very powerful weapon. The ship's control panel can be configured to hold a Cosmo Shot so as to control the Orion Cannon, which can be fired by charging Cosmo Energy via the Orion StarZord docked at the top. The cannon is powerful enough to destroy a Big Consumars in one hit.

Additional Formations

Orion Mega Cannon

Orion Mega Cannon
Orion Bazooka II
Zords Shishi Lion
Scorpion Zord
Lobo Zord
Scale Zord
Ox Zord
Charmer Zord
Chamaeleon Zord
Aquila Zord
Dorado Zord
Ryu Dragon
Cub Zord
Bear Zord
Firebird Rocket
Firebird Orbiter
Orion StarZord
Orion Battler

The Orion Mega Cannon is the combination of the Cosmo Megazord, Dragon Master Megazord, Rocket Fire Megazord, Scale Zord, Charmer Zord, Aquila Zord, Orion StarZord and the Orion Battler.

Its finisher is the Orion Big Bang Blast: the Cosmo, Dragon Master, and Rocket Fire Megazords deliver a powerful blast from the Orion Mega Cannon.