DSZ-Cube Komori

DSZ-Cube Aux5

Bat CubeZord
Number: !
Season: Beast Guardians
First Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:
Length: 8.5 m
Width: 32.0 m
Height: 9.0 m
Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 700 km/h
Power: 1,500,000

The Bat CubeZord is a navy auxiliary CubeZord modeled after a bat. It can transform into the Bat Boomerang. It forms the upper right ankle of the Beast Sentinel Megazord & the right elbow of the Giga Beast Ultrazord.


Instead of a number, the Bat CubeZord is emblazoned with an exclamation point (!). This is to signify that although this is a CubeZord, it is not one of the six Guardian Cubes.


Bat Boomerang

The Bat CubeZord is able to change into the Bat Boomerang.

Additional Formations

Chimera Megazord: Bat Boomerang

DSZ-Tousai Zyuoh Komori Boomerang
Chimera Megazord: Bat Boomerang
Zords: Rhino CubeZord
Crocodile CubeZord
Wolf CubeZord
Bat CubeZord
Length: 15.5 m
Width: 61.0 m
Height: 48.5 m
Weight: 4,200 tons

The Chimera Megazord: Bat Boomerang is the Chimera Megazord equipped with the Bat Boomerang. With it, the Chimera Megazord is able to perform the Bat Boomerang Cutter finisher, where it throws the Bat Boomerang at the enemy performing a number of slashes.


  • The Bat Boomerang seems to be a reference to the Batarang from the Batman franchise. Whether this was intentional or not is currently unknown.

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