Related to Animal Spirts, thi is the page for the Aura Beasts, aka the AuraZords. Refer to them by AuraZords, please!


Akamai System

  • Akamai - The combination of the Akomali Megazord and Mane.
    • Akomali Megazord - The combination of the Panthera Megazord and the RyuBattleMegazord
      • Panthera Megazord
        • Tor - Red Tiger. A natural born leader, paired with Kyle.
        • Shades - Blue Jaguar. Self proclaimed cool cat, he works with Jacob.
        • Lil - Yellow Cheetah. Sweet, but can kick ass. Asha's partner.
      • RyuSlasherBattlezord
        • Ryu - Crimson Dragon with a temper, Adrian's partner. Can switch into a Megazord form called the RyuBattleZord.
        • Slash - Purple Wolf. Turns into a leg for the Panthera Megazord, creating Cutline Megazord, or he can become an arm for RyuBattleZord. Shane's partner.
    • Mane - Black Lion. The decsencednet of Khime, he struggles with his legacy. Crates armor for Akomali Megazord.

Khime - He cant combine, but he can fight swarms of foes with the help of the Mantel Quadro. Alt Combo: Akamai Charge- Happens whenejlrfdesgihlsgldkgdominicdsljklsglkdshdhgkj....

Mastchi System



The Zords are mix of Jungle Fury, Dairanger, and KR Wizard.

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