Gender Female
Villain Type Technical Advisor
Series Power Rangers: Oneiro
Asteria is a subordinate and technical advisor of Darkilov.

Character History

Who or even what Asteria is have yet to be revealed. She was the one to brew the poison Darkilov used to send all of Oneiro to Skepsi, and she was assigned to repair Nyxus. As he grew well enough to talk, she asked him about what he'd seen at the Academy, particularly regarding flowers.


Asteria is surprisingly mothering, with a tendency to hum.

Talents and Abilities

Asteria is capable of repairing damaged monsters, as well as creating poison. Her body shapeshift when overcome by a strong emotion, becoming red and thorny at one point when thinking of roses, and her eyes rotate independently.


Asteria wears a black burqa which only exposes her violet eyes and a little clear, fair skin.