Artillatron 2.0
Pilot: All Legacy Rangers
Season Power Rangers Legacy Force

The Artillatron 2.0 is a Carrierzord used by the Legacy Rangers to transport all of their Legacyzords into battle.


The Phantom Ranger built this Zord in conjunction with Dr. K, Billy and Kat. It was first used when Centurius sent a army of monsters to attack the Legacy Megazord, managing to destroy most of them and destroying the rest with its Warrior Mode. When Centurius finally entered the fight, the Rangers were unable to beat him until the Phantom Ranger managed to figure out how to combine it with the Legacy Megazord. It was the only Zord that survived the final battle.

Legacy Ultrazord

Legacy Ultrazord
Megazords Used Artillatron 2.0, Legacy Megazord
Series Power Rangers Legacy Force

The Legacy Ultrazord is the combination of the Legacy Megazord and the Artillatron 2.0. It's mainly the Legacy Megazord with parts of the Artillatron 2.0 added onto itself such as the cannons. The finisher used for this form is the Legacy Burst, a blast from the cannons that transforms into spectral versions of the past Carrierzords.

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