The Power Rangers Literary Morphers Arsenal
Power Rangers Literary Morphers
Used by: Literary Morphers (Team) and The Privateers
Special System: [[Hero Deck and Ranger Keys]]
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Arsenal (CF-Nitro)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Literary Morphers (Team) and The Privateers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Power Rangers Literary Morphers series page as well as the team page of the Literary Morphers (Team) and The Privateers.

Transformation Devices

Literary Morphers

  • Literary Scanner-uses the story deck to access appropriate apparel or become heroes of different stories via Hero Deck cards. see Daikamen Noh Brace
  • Galactic Transponder-an upgraded version of the Legendary Morpher. see Cellphone Mobilate Mark II


  • Dark Transponder-a Violet and Black colored version of the Galactic Transponder. see Puraibēto Mobilate Tranformer
  • Dark Star-a non-gimmick based violet colored diamond that turns Lucas into the Solar Eclipse Ranger. see Zeek Crystal, Outlaw Sword

Multi-Use Devices

Hero Deck

See: Misutikkushiata Deck

The Hero Deck allows the Literary Morphers to become heroes of various stories Such as A Wrinkle in Time, or bled in with their surroundings (such as in Hamilton).

Ranger Keys

Used by both teams, they function the same as before by turning the user into a ranger of past such as Shogun Black (by Lucas), or even teams that haven't been seen yet such as the Lucky Ace's (JAKQ) and Battle Fever [J]. The Privateers also have clones keys, such as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Rangers of Sweet Valley).

Side Arms

to be added


  • The Literary Morphers are similar to the Mega Rangers as they use cards and Ranger Keys
    • as well as said ranger keys coming from a Pirate themed Sentai Team
  • This is the only arsenal that canonizes every Sentai from Gorenger (the first sentai team, which was adapted as the Danger Rangers) to Chojuranger (which would have been the next season had Paramount not cancelled the show)
  • This is the fourth arsenal set that is used by multiple factions
    • Battle Thunder (core) and Kraken Squad/Viper Rangers with morphers
    • Original Knights and Phoenix Squad with weapons
    • Hexagon and Phantom Rangers with the Smithsdon Collection
    • All the ARC's have their morphers embedded into them
    • All the main human rangers used an altered TOQchanger, called the Express Morpher
    • The Literary Morphers and Privateers both use Ranger Keys
      • As well as the Mega Rangers

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