The Power Rangers GSA Arsenal
Power Rangers GSA
Used by: GSA Rangers, ASD Rangers
Special System: [[JAKQ Deck (11-37)

Power Coins (GSA) (21-35)]]

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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the GSA Rangers, ASD Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Power Rangers GSA series page as well as the team page of the GSA Rangers, ASD Rangers.


Multi-Use Devices

  • JAKQ Deck: themed to former super hero of the same name, it gains access to the JAKQ Cannon, can serve as a homing device, and even as bombs.
  • Power Coins: Used to restore the GSA Ranger's zords in the season 2 opener, they become the new power souse for the Denshi Morpher as well in season 2.

Team Weapon

  • Rainbow Shurikin: uses the ranger's power sticks to form a giant flaming object to destroy a monster.
    • The Power sticks are carried by the core GSA and Gemini Rangers, allowing for the max of a 7-piece Shurikin. The Shurikin and JAKQ Cannon have been used together on a few occasions as well
  • JAKQ Cannon: One of the options of the JAKQ Deck, it is a replica of the cannon used by the JAKQ in their later episodes. It can be paired with the Rainbow Shurikin attack.

Personal Weapons

  • Gemini Blaster: a reskin of the Dino Thunder blasters
  • Shogun Sword: Shogun Black's Personal weapon which comes from Ninja Storm. He uses the Chakra deck over using the powers of the shogun in the blade
    • Shark Sword: a reskin of the Shogun Sword with Denshi Power
  • Eagle Boomarang: Used by Bridge/ASD Red.
  • Panther Claws: a weapon exclusive to Eliza/ASD Yellow that can destroy multiple goons in one blow


  • Danger Whip:  Ray's visor weapon; a whip used for striking and grappling attacks. It can perform the Red Spark, a high voltage current transmitted from his suit through the Whip. 
    • Spear Mode: The Whip can turn into a spear.
  • Danger Bow: Henry's visor weapon consisting of a bow and arrow.  The arrows can be equipped with rocket propelled explosive heads, known as the Arrow Missiles.
  • Thunder Staff: Max's visor weapon, a pole that could be equipped with one of three hand shaped attachments in the style of Rock-Paper-Scissors:
    • Rock Attachment
    • Paper attachment
    • Scissors attachment
  • Thunder Boomerang: Billy's visor weapon. A sharp boomerang that can do both Melee and Range attacks.


  • 4X4 Dorado: a Jeep-like vehicle used by GSA Red, GSA Pink, and later the White Rangers
  • GSA Cycles: the remaining GSA Rangers use bikes to get place to place
  • Black Mamba Cycle: a snake-themed version of the GSA Cycles
    • Shark Cycle-a shark-themed version of the GSA Cycle
  • Eagle Quad: a smaller version of the 4x4 used by the remaining ASD rangers

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