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This is a list of all the weapons, powerups and attacks used by the Conspiracy Rangers.

Vril Morpher

The Vril Morpher is the morpher used by the Conspiracy Rangers to transform into their Ranger Forms. It has a keypad used to summon weapons and activate powerups.

1-2-1:Summons the Vril Blasters.

1-3-2: Summons the Vril Cannon then splits it into the Power Weapons.

2-1-1: Activates the Vril Armor Megabattles.

2-1-2: Summons the Beast Warrior Morpher.

Vril Burst

The Vril Burst is a special attack activated by sheer willpower that shoots a ranger-colored beam of energy at the foes. When used in conjunction with another, It becomes the Vril Beam Finisher which shoots a massive rainbow beam at a foe.

Vril Cannon

The Vril Cannon is the Conspiracy Rangers's Team Cannon that can split into Power Weapons.

Vril Saber

The Vril Saber is the Red Ranger's Power Weapon that can cut most metals with ease.

Vril Cannon

The Vril Cannon is the Pink Ranger's Power Weapon that shoots rapid-fire blasts of energy.

Vril Ax

The Vril Ax is the Blue Ranger's Power Weapon that can surround itself with energy to provide extra cutting power.

Vril Bow

The Vril Bow is the Yellow Ranger's Power Weapon that shoots arrows that can home in foes.

Vril Hammer

The Vril Hammer is the Black Ranger's Power Weapon that creates shockwaves when it hits a enemy

Vril Blaster

The Vril Blaster is the Conspiracy Ranger's sidearm that shoots powerful beams of kinetic energy which at higher settings, can crush a foe with a single shot. When used together, The Conspiracy Rangers can use the Kinetic Eliminator finisher, a massive beam of kinetic energy.